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Download the Entertainment eBooks | Hip Hop Empire Magazine Issue 0

Issue 0: School of the Hard Knocks


About this Issue:

    Pre-Issue of Hip Hop Empire Magazine featuring Cappadonna from Wu-Tang Clan, Caviar Cross, independent artists, music, business, history, fashion, trends and much more content... From history to top music to industry tips, this issues shows the world that Hip Hop Empire Magazine is no ordinary editorial. Thank you to everybody around the world that made/ making it possible so that we can give you the hottest content that this world ever seen. Click the "Download" button or go to "Home" to view this issue for FREE.

Download the Entertainment eBooks | Hip Hop Empire Magazine Issue 0

Issue 1: Living Proof


About this Issue:

    The debut issue of Hip Hop Empire Magazine. This issue is the 1st Year's Vet Edition, which includes our premier Empire charts, EmpireVizion video section, Empirious Beauties models, in-depth articles about life and a whole lot more. Featuring artists from all over the Eastern Hemisphere such as: Dogmatic, Sabor Latino, Ariginal Da General, Cap A, DJ Ron G & Many More... 



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