Vietnam Jones
     On the lyrical side, you might know of him by the name of V Dot Nam but as time matured, he developed into "The Man of A Million Trades" within 7 years. First he started off with building a town, then put a house inside of it. After that Nam architecturally designed a platform for a certain hall of fame for the Hip-Hop genre, which later was revoked to enter any of the Dynasty's territories, he created an empire that was told of lasting longer than any movement ever created in today's society. During the last two (2) quarters while developing for ill-minded companies, Nam branch off to develop more and more projects under his astonishing collections of work. Started from nothing, ended up leading an empire that will last for centuries to come.

     Nam's main focus is to spread knowledge amongst the youth and eliminate the wicked manners in the civilization of mankind. Created his own media just for the real and real only! Nam believes in "Reach One, Teach One". Making major exposure for the broke and unfortunate, it just takes support of this mighty movement that will help us captivate millions with more realness in their lives.

     Producer/ Engineer of over 120 independent projects, Vietnam has proven his craft to be based on hard work and dedication. Most of what Vietnam knows how to do, he did not go to school for instead they were blessings sent to him from a higher power. He has done work with artists from all over the world such as Germany, Egypt, Puerto Rico and the United States while promoting artists from Michigan, Memphis, New York, Florida, California, Texas, Ohio, Georgia and all the rest of 50 states. Mid 2006, Nam engineered and produced for Cut Throat Entertainment, which landed him an opportunity to become an in-house produce for Atlantic Records and the meeting of some of the greatest walks of talent the game ever seen while he was stationed in Fort Hood, TX. At this time, he was going by the name of "Young Nam" and this was during this time, Nam meet Big Sho' Daz forming the group, Welcome 2 Tho' wd Town (W2TT). Later on, these two hustlers sold 2,000 copies of "B4 Da Show Mixtape, Vol. 1" in the first 2 weeks of its release on the streets of small Killeen, TX. As more songs and characters were created, W2TT expanded the sound of Tho' wd music with Alternative Rock on "It's Funny" under one of his groups. Nam ventured off into other genres like Funk, Blues & Heavy Metal Rap.

     After touching down to Miami around the time of President Obama's first election, he completed the entire site of GrindHouse Records. Lauching a his first booming site, he attracted fans from across the world from countries such as: Italy, Russia, Iceland, Brazil, Venezuela and many more international locations. From artists to "Megamedia" websites, Da Engineer has created a brand signature, which you are seeing for yourself with more to come...

Vietnam Jones is the first former rapper to have ever designed a website bigger than facebook, myspace, youtube and reverbnation without the massive amounts of traffic. His visual creation grew so much, the other websites using the same server got knocked off. As the 2nd in the command, the only thing he could do was to just wait until the #1 guy get the finances to keep the hosting going but he failed at maintaining his pride and joy. Now Vietnam owns an Empire with the eye appearing visual presentation, this magazine is quite different from the traditional celebrity glorified editorials. Integrating real articles for real people with on-point videos hand selected for best viewer satisfaction, major and indie songs mixed by "Da Engineer" himself and much more. Including features like
HipHopEmpire Mag Mobile (available for iPhone/ Android) , TV Network "EmpireVizion", Hip Hop Empire Mixtapes, A Real Hip-Hop Station "WHHE EmpiRadio"
"CrownBar" & Much More.

 We are constantly working on new developments so y'all can enjoy the luxury of being inside the Empire. Live Life Forever!!!! 

Years of Experience Companies Developed Started In Company Visit Website
7 5+ 2006

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Type of Services
Editorial Press * Audio Promotion * Publishing
Television Broadcasting * Airplay Assistance
Artist Development * Music Consultation
Graphics * Web Development * Event Booking
Marketing * Distribution * Custom * Commercial Voice-Overs & Much Much More...


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