Who is Hip Hop Empire Magazine?

The official magazine of the Semi-Major Recording Industry. Hip Hop Empire brings back the true legacy of Hip Hop merging new school flavor with old school tradition! Founded by Elven "Vietnam" Jones, with the assistance of his closest Comrades, after he realized that it's time to go to the next level since everybody was telling him that "You should do this for yourself, why are you doing this for...?" But like many great leaders, Experience is the key to success over all of the hypocrisy in one's lifetime. Now we are bringing to you the voice of the world in our urban yet blatant editorial. HipHopEmpireMag is not only for fans of Hip-Hop but people that love REAL while living in forever changing world and economy.

Our mission is to raise the bar of creativity in the Hip Hop culture abroad. We are aiming to provide high end and top notch quality artistry at industry standards in the utmost innovative of ways ever seen.. We specialize in Network Building, Multimedia Integration, Business Connection, Community Service, Global Marketing, Promotions, Artist Consultation & Development, Etc... We also offer artists of all types multiple media outlets ultimately leading to world wide exposure...

2016 Media Kit for
Hip Hop Empire Magazine


Enlightening the world with the history and knowledge of today's most influential genre, Hip Hop with exclusive content and major promotional opportunities from all over the globe. At Hip Hop Empire, we are not an ordinary urban culture magazine. Every issue is jam packed with exclusive interviews/ resources, special opportunities as well as helpful industry tips on becoming major and much more...
Located in each issue, you will encounter :
Uncut/ Pure Hip-Hop
Real Talk 101
Billboards & Charts
Legends' Achievements
In-Depth Articles
Industry News
Promotional Opportunities
Career Advice
No Gossip
Blatant Information
Relevant Advertisements
Creative Art
Gig Placements
& Much More....