Lifeless Immortal Signs 2 Artists From Jamaica

 The authentic Army that fight wars with music, Lifeless Immortal, has been putting in heavy work. Recently, they picked up 2 artists from Jamaica. In which, both are different in styles. The first Jamaican LI that was recruited is a Dancehall Singer (Fraction) while the second is a Dancehall Lyricist (Tama Re). Both together are a deadly combination, so V Dot Nam brought these two future music masterminds in the Immortal!

Tama Re

The Prince of Dancehall Rap, Tama Re, has joined the ranks of the Lifeless Immortal Army. Motivated since 2013, Tama Rehas been recording songs and working on multiple projects. While on the rise, Coast 2 Coast featured him on mixtapes giving him exposure from around over the world. Sergeant of Don’t Fight It Productions (DFIP), he has done work with George Tatum, Dominque West, Gkid, Victory, Krimmi, Kash Kapree, Orville Smith, Ace from Miami Florida, I Am France and many more.
 Tama also did some tracks with Ninety Nine Doors Entertainment for the mixtape, One Hundred, featuring the song 100 Bottles. In 2015, Tama did an Aint Making collaboration with Demo and another collaboration with Bank Roll called Scheming among other recordings waiting to be released. indecisive on dropping an album or single, this rising artist decided to release mixtapes until the time was right. Popular for the song Up, he sparked up the airwaves with Bomb on EntryPump & Diamonds On Everything, which are available on his previous projects.
Started off doing dancehall music, he began writing poetry during High School. His name influences in music were Vybz Kartel and Sizzla Kalongi. By being a dancehall artist having the love for the culture, his rap flow came natural so he decided to do rap music instead. His first group was called Kemxtry Muzic, which at that time he was going by the name of Krysis. Prior to pacticing in the park every Saturday and socializing, they went on to promote their music to KLAS Radio in 2005 with a performance of their single at the time, 7 Months. TamaRe and Kash Kapree dropped the Reboot Mixtape, also known as Time Unlimited, which has gotten major airplay in Jamaica.
Currently working on his newest project, Overdrive 3, Tama Re is definitely working hard in the studio. As soon as you press play, this joint will move your body and make you feel that fiyah in your speakers! Featuring the hit song Money Dance and Pull Off The Lot, listen as this Jamaican LI march on the concrete battlefield with only a microphone!


The Prince of Dancehall R&B, Fraction, has joined the ranks of the Lifeless Immortal Army. While working on his craft, this young artist is definitely on his way to the top. Fraction has worked with Wizical, Mad Boss Productions, Spiral Entertainment, Krimmi, Savi and many more. In 2013, he developed a huge interest in music, which led to him to record his first track entitled Don’t Diss The Youths with the with producer, Iam France. The next year, Fraction recorded 2 more songs with producer Krimmi, Wise Up and Blackberry.
 That same year, he started performing. His first live show was at a Fish Fry that Fete held for the Stella Maris Foundation. After that performance, he soon did more like the Frass Birth Night Party held at Boys Lane and Ghetto Sting held at Mountain View. In 2015, Fraction performed at Bob Marley Beach. Recently he performed at the Levels To Diss event as well as many more parties and gatherings.

Branching out with his music, he started working with more producers. Soulful tunes like Hungry Days and Work Fi Mine, tells of the struggle that he has endured within the concrete battlefield in Kingston, Jamaica. Currently, Fraction is working on his upcoming album, Blackberry. This project features hits like Gyal Me Alone, Ben Yuh Back, Roll Mama and many more. Salute the Newest Immortal, more music from Fraction will be coming out real soon.


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