VDot Nam and Spider Loc's Hostile TakeOva

   Every since the COO of EmpireIAM was caught using blackmail, extortion, and sabotage to keep his position, King Nam had to clean up a lot of dirt; which explains the delay in current media coverage. V Dot Nam has finally decided to drop the project with Compton's own, Spider Loc. Even though the fans been hearing the famous audio tag "Droppin Bombs like Vietnam With My Nigga V Dot Nam", Da Season's Vet has lined up a solid dual mixtape project with one of Compton's Most Notorious gangsta rappers. The leader of G-Unit West, Spider Loc aka SPi first got discovered by Suge Knight after the Pac Era. SPi is known for the incident that happened in California when he had Birdman and Wayne cornered up with straps aimed at them. The results lead to Baby calling the police, and multiple hood bangers like "Blutiful World", Buy Me A G, Curious, Fake and a couple lyrical solutions for the LolliPop star on "What Yo Problem".

The name of the project is entitled Hostile Takeova, which was inspired after V Dot's former business partner tried to betray him with the Empire that he created from the ground up.  As an upcoming mogul and artist, V Dot's style has evolved into a monster that can not be tamed by no moral being. For anyone that's not lyrical, it is close to impossible to destroy what V has created. While being 10 years deep in the industry, V Dot Nam (7SG) built his empire with many years of writing strategic blueprints . The artist/ producer, V Dot Nam has survived multiple Life or Death experiences like car accidents, getting set up, shot at on the streets, an attempt of being picked up by racist radicals, diagnose of seizures, deceptive "business partners", and false news reports. During the time when the rap game was starting to sound like POP, DJ Chuck T & Vietnam caused a disruption in the mixtape industry between the DJs and Artists.
     "In the streets, real G's handle their problems on our own... but when it comes to business, it's all CAPITAL in this world of sin and havoc", V Dot replied.  
      People may think that the title was inspired by the television series, EMPIRE, but it's not. Hip Hop Empire Magazine was created in 2012. A year later before Diddy started Revolt, V Dot Nam introduced the official television network "EmpireVizion" to the world. Even though the main character Luscious was a rapper before his entertainment company took off, it was ironic that the name was basically the same as what Vietnam formed in 2012 and the second season was entitled "Hostile Taker". The term, Hostile Takeover, comes from the book, The Art of War. Hostile Takeova includes 16 tracks, which is split into 2 parts... 
DETROIT & COMPTON, On the Detroit side, you will hear all new and unreleased cuts from the OG of CTC; while on SPi's side, you will hear the hardest bangers from the Locster. "I felt like it was time to release this anticipated mixtape since everybody been hearing the shout for more than 7 years now". This dual masterpiece is set to be released in the month of May before Immortal II Society drops globally... V ended off stating, "Aye, You never know I might bring Spider Loc in on that I2S soundtrack since he've worked with the OG, Big Syke".

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