Underachiever Reaches For Platinum Status: Issa Gold

     Marlon Fung, better known by his stage name "Issa Gold", is one half the hip-hop duo "The Underachievers". Issa was born and raised in the flatbush area of Brooklyn, New York. Issa grew up in an apartment building with Flatbush Zombies member "Jewice". Both of Issa's parents are from Guyana, which is apparent not only in appearance but in Issa's accent. Issa did not start rapping until he met counterpart AK (Then rapping under pseudonym The Underachiever), and did not take it serious until late 2011. The Underachievers started garnering attention from a video for their track "So Devilish" and quickly followed it up with "Gold soul theory" which got plays on BBC radio.

     Shortly after their music got passed on to music producer Flying Lotus, and after performing a few shows for him he signed them to his "Brainfeeder" label. Febuary 1st, 2013 The Underachievers dropped their infamous "Indigoism" mixtape which boasted singles such as Herb Shuttles, and the aforementioned Gold Soul Theory. The Underachievers mainly attacked the scene as a duo, with AK dropping some songs here and there but Issa remaining silent. That is until the wake of their "Cellar Door:Terminus UT Exordium" both Issa and AK dropped a solo project. Issa's project is titled "Conversations With A Butterfly" and ranges in at 8 songs roughly 25 minutes long.

     Issa released this project July 26, 2014(his birthday) and posed many styles not heard in his Underachievers work. It recieved generally mixed reviews with many eager to see what was in store for The Underachievers. After the release, Issa posted a series of tweets on twitter about how he was done rapping, as his true passion was to enlighten our generation. He claimed pop culture was the best platform he could've used to speak to a young generation and since his vocabulary was strong he chose rapping. Fortunately enough, Issa is still going strong in the industry.

     The Underachievers just having released their sophomore album "Evermore: The art of Duality" to critical acclaim. Issa Gold is also currently working on a solo project under the name "Tempest" which will be called "Solace. Im sure we're all ready to see what this young emcee has in store for us 2017!

Written by KT of Tribe Three

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