The Rise of NAS

This artist has built his Empire from ground up way before you the television show and distribution company. Nasir Jones, better known as Nas, had to bring some more HEAT... but this time, it's Business instead Music. This TOP SELLING Lyricist took over the world from QBP. From selling millions of records to acting in Hollywood, this MC introduced the universe to the Illmatic lifestyle; now it's still considered as one of the greatest albums in the #HipHop History. While Nas has been largely successful in the music business, he is looking to bring that same success to his investment portfolio.
As a founding member of QueensBridge Venture Partners, a tech venture capital fund, Nas says that he looked to get involved in investing ever since he first heard the word "investment" in school.  He named his investment company after his home, Queensbridge. In an interview with Fast Company, Nas stated "You invest your time, you can invest money and it was just a matter of time before it all fell into place for me. That's one of the things that I thought a lot about as a young kid — the guys behind the scenes who make things happen, help build people up, make dreams come true". Afterwards going on to say that he wanted to get into tech investing because he wanted "to be surrounded by the smartest people in the world, and didn't want to limit that to just music."
QueensBridge Venture Partners invests anywhere from $100K to $500K in a company, according to Anthony Saleh, Nas' manager and partner at Queensbridge. The competition to receive funding from QueensBridge is fierce, with roughly 100 companies pitching to the fund per month. Fewer than three of those companies are chosen by QueensBridge for an investment.  And it appears that QueensBridge's selective nature has paid off.

     As Nas enters the technology field, he has been looking for upcoming companies and developers that attended Silicon Valley Harlem and technology festivals as well as members of the top associations and organizations. His fastpitch conferences allows technologists to present their ideas and milestones to high level investors from around the world. Some of those companies that Nas and QueensBridge have invested in have been slam dunks, including Dropbox, Lyft,  SeatGeek, General Assembly, Genius and the list goes on...

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