Negas Against Society

    Throughout American history, African Americans also known as Blacks, Asiatic and/or Members of the Lost Tribes has built the infrastructure of civilianization and are still are at war with racism, disassociation, separation, unlawful order and many more opposing issues. Even though the masses were deceived by glamorous rappers with sparkly and shiny trinkets, Nas is one of the top MC's in history to remain one of the last men standing in this War In America. In the soundtrack anthem, The Cross, Nas broke it down so you can understand it more:
   "I Was The Old King In The Streets That Yall Once Hated/ 
But Now I Reinvited Myself & Yall All Waiting/ 
Nas N.A.S. meaning Niggas Against Society/ 
Noisy Aint I'm Silently/ New Source Surrounding Me/"
- Nas, from God's Son 

    Being born with an ancient royal name, Nasir. Nasir (Arabic: ناصر‎‎ Nāṣir) is an Arabic masculine given name which can mean "helper" or "one who gives victory". In Swahili, Nas means "Caller".

     Out of the 10+ album discography of Nas, the albums "It Was Written", "IAM" & "Nastradomus"NAS stands out the most in the industry; for his direction, lyricism, physiology and morale. Known for one of the World's Most Known Rap Beefs In History, This artist conquered and remained successfully undisputed in the airwaves with Stillmatic & God's Son. Besides the doing popular music for the true Hip Hop lovers, this legendary MC is the Poet of the STREETS, refer to Street Disciple
     With all the material written from this poetic lyricist, there were tracks that were not available on his commercially released albums so they were all compiled on The Lost Tapes., As soon as Nas seen the game's morals and tradition decrease in our society, he dropped Hip Hop Is Dead (which is also a lyrical blueprint itself). Nas' most politically correct LP N's original title was Nigga, but it was considered too controversial for mainstream media. Throughout history, the "N" word (NIGGER) was used as a racial slander. This word derives from when the Africans jumped off the Boat into the Niger River. When they jumped, the European outcast couldn't pronounce the word "Niger" so they said "Nigger" instead. 

     Since that word was programmed in the Africans born in America some much, they used it in terms of replacing a subject like "Man", "Dude", "Guy", "Homie", "Brother", "Friend", "Dog", "Son", etc. There is no evidence of when this trend first occurred, it may have been during the early 1940's. In Spanish, Negro means Black. During the 60's and 70's, African born in America were called "Negros". During the PRO Black Era (Early 90's), that word was not acceptable from non-melanin citizens. Now the word "Nigga" is used commonly mostly by the Africans born in America. After meeting up with the Lost Tribes in Jamaica, this Hip-Hop historian connected with one of the sons of Bob Marley, Damian Marley to do a duo project entitled Distant Relatives. 

     As everything started to make sense, we learned that word "Negas" is very powerful. It means King, Ruler or Emperor in the Amharic language of Ethiopia. "Negusa Negast," or "Nigusa Negast," is a title used to address Ethiopian Emperors, meaning "King of Kings". The negus ruled Ethiopia until the coup of 1974. Therefore, the word "nigger" is an antonym. Throughout the worse of times in life, you got to smile and Life Is Good in your mind. This is how us Gods manifest great things into existence and the future. 

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