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The Life or Death of Hip Hop

Written By Sam Williams II on Saturday, November 12, 2016 | 18:30

Will Hip Hop Live or Die.....

     This has been an on going question that has hit the Hip Hop Community.  With all the new school artist coming into the game.  How will we know who is the actual talent and who is the industry tool.  The main thing is we want content and music without guidance from ad execs or programming experts.  The real music that touches the soul will not have to be doctored up with advertising for companies.  You will see a trend continuing to be followed as we promote liquor and other clothing brands.  But with all this being reviewed its a clear understanding that we are looking for it.  And clearly this is what we want it to be.  A mashup of ads and trippy sounds all to make us buy and spend more.  In the end I guess they have what they want or what WE want.  With artist eyes set on the money and lifestyle that the music industry entreats us with.  How can we actually get RAW uncut music that speaks to our souls?  Where are the real musicians in the game in 2016.  Lets walk through the current Hot List with Gary Suarez.  the Future of Music

Gary Suarez Forbes

This year produced its share of emerging hip-hop talents, including Fetty Wap, Post Malone and Silentó. Time will tell whether or not these 2015 hitmakers can extend their good fortune further into great rap careers.
But 2016 is another year, of course, and with it naturally comes a new crop of contenders. While the next twelve months will no doubt deliver some fresh faces from out of the blue, here are a handful of names you’re likely to hear more from very soon.

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