The War In Amerikkka

    “Men commonly deceive themselves in respect of the love which they imagine others bear them, nor can ever be sure of it until they have put it to the proof.” While most are focused on the Presidential Debate & Black Lives Matter, we are at war in America. You can see by the way the numbers of police brutality, car harassment and injustice is increasing. The main problem in society is Racism.  As you can see, most mainstream media sources pumps your heads up full of propaganda to mislead you into the shallowness of today's realities. Just know, IT'S ALL CAPITAL...

“What benefits the enemy, harms you; and what benefits you, harms the enemy.”

     Slavery also existed in the 1930's, Too many lives are being taking away from us everyday... Black, White, Brown, Red & Army Green. Racism has existed since the beginning of time. It's not the color of the skin that determine good or evil. It is what's embedded in thy heart. So many people are afflicted, for true colors are hidden due to the manipulation of reality through perception. What seems right to you may be wrong to another that's outside of your physical temple.  There has been four different genocides in the United States of America, which three of them consisted of the elimination of Native races.
   At this present moment in America, the ordinary civilization faces the issues of being the next one to get harassed or mistreated by an official of the law. This year, there has been over 55,000 murders in the United States. Most clansmen have converted to the color blue to hide the hatred deeply embedded in their hearts. As you can see from history, southern confederates used law enforcement and militias to justify their wrong doings and label what is against their morals as terrorism.

This Present Day

Civil Rights Era

Transatlantic Era

Columbus Era

     By using religion to control the conscious mind of the civilians has finally blown up in the tea parties' face. The truth is already out... Prophets and messengers like Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm Shabazz, John F. Kennedy and Tupac Shakur have verbally announced what's really going on. Every man is created equal... We were all told that America is a melting pot. where you can come to for freedom, justice, liberty and financial assurance.

    Non-American citizens enter the United States and don't have to pay taxes. In every ghetto, there's a neighborhood corner store that cheats as well as mistreat citizens of the black race with the inflation of illegal taxes. Even though liquor stores are not that vague depending on the location, they too also cheat their customers while distributing poisons that is opposite of their "so-called" faith.

     The planes crashed into the buildings and "Arab Muslims" were the ones that were said to cause that horrific event, but every day at least 20 people are being shot or mostly murdered by police every 23 hours.  Not every black man or woman is Muslim, but Arabs come over to the States and get treated better than both races (Black & White) in certain cases. Most blacks in the urban parts of America are "Christians"., they follow Jesus Christ because that's what they were forced to believe in. Everything in this life is 50% Good and 50% Bad. Not every Muslim is the same, just like Christians. The religion of Islam do not promote acts of terror, but certain cultures in Islam does. The rebellious group, ISIS, which is lead by an ex-Muslim turned conservative; uses the religion to justify the massive slaughter of citizens all over the world. While this was happening overseas, police officers all over the world killed more citizens than that group itself. If you look into the reports of police recruitment this year, you will see that less blacks are enlisting and more whites are entering. It really seems like everything black either has or being eliminated such as Rap City, Hits From The Streets, Soul Train, The Source Awards, Black Stone Rangers, Black Panthers, Black Lives and the list goes on. Now you see Black Entertainment Television is as watered down as much as MTV. Black Nationalism was banned from America, while the KKK changed their name to White Nationalist. All through the Hip-Hop culture, rappers and their fans have supported clan owned brands like Timbaland, Louis Vuitton, Snapple and the rest that will manifest in our eyes as time flies by.

     If Black is so bad, then why is it that since the beginning of time they been the main ones to ride for anything and put in that muscle that no one else would? What made America financially great back in the 60's and 70's was when the BIG 3 (General Motors, Ford Motors and Chrysler) started hiring African Americans in the automobile factory. By forcing multiple races to work together for the manufacturing of cars, the economy was able to get out of depression.

        In countries that are overseas, American music is loved very much. Back when music was authentic, Hip Hop was used an instrument to teach the youth in society. Now it's just like high school: Everyday it's a fashion show while the popular crowd has the looks, money and groupies. Since America spends 75% of their gloss income on entertainment. Just by listening to today's mainstream Rap music, you would think that the black race is filled with savages from the elements that are in the artist's lyrics. The rapper Rick Ross properly known as (William Roberts) talked about put mollys in girl's drinks in a song, later being involved in a lawsuit pertaining to rape and the case was dropped just like the identity theft of the Real American Gangster, Freeway Ricky Ross. Although William Roberts' career in the entertainment industry, he has been an informant working deep cover. Roberts is "so-called" responsible for the imprisonment of over 55 gangsta disciples in Atlanta.

      Throughout time, while this Hip-Hop Cop patrolled throughout the airwaves; cats that are known for spitting statistical slang also influenced the minds of the youth majorly. With all these singing rappers, the frequencies de-masculated the young black boys. The disrespectful slurs in the music towards women have caused them to have low self-esteem and hatred through the action of men, leading to interracial and/or homosexual dating. This music has gotten so many people locked up and killed for the misconception of integrity. Popular rap today is gay... Every rapper is singing, it even got the suburbian popstars on the mic spitting wicked rhymes. Since the Millennium, the leadership in Urban Music has not been the same; due to the change of the frequencies in the airwaves. While artists like Fresh Montana & Tyga are talking about Mollys, the codes from the other artists (such as Bobby Schmurder & Young Thug) sets in; which leds the young and gifted to perform these wicked acts. The war is pass race, this is war on the everyday freedoms of true Americans.

    In the letter written from the Grandmaster of the Klan to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad states that one of the main reasons why they do not like Black is because of their women and contamination of their land which was given them by God as they say. The two (2) things that racist whites and ordinary black people have in common is they both don't like "NIGGAS". When you look at most of the blacks on tv shows and movies, you see the females acting ratchet and the guys acting ignant. Most of the popular Rap songs are violent and promote homosexuality. Just by listening to Trap song, opposite races perceives all Africans born in America as being like this until they realize that type of propaganda is a stereotype. History repeats itself, President J. Edgar Hoover issued directives governance for the CONINTELPRO and that was the operation to turn the Black Stone Rangers and Black Panthers against each other; Just like how after the Patroit Act, more police and gang shooting occured from 2009 up to today. Most people on top don't know how it really is hearing gunshots or hollering/ screaming every night and morning. The first rule in life is SURVIVAL!

      Back in the Summer of 2016 while most young people were focused on music and social networks, Over 1,200 more American soldiers have been killed during the war against ISIS while fighting overseas. We have reached a point in today's civilization, where both races, white and black, are affected. All over the world, parents are losing children and family members from this global spread of warfare.  With the rates of police violence in the United States, the citizens of America don't need any more search and seizures. Everybody is getting harassed and with Donald Trump in the office, he will put that into effect. He already praised the President of Russia and talked down on the current commander and chief of the United States of Ameica, Barack Obama. Any so-called America that can go against his own leader must answer to the Supreme Court Justice for tyranny and pre-meditated treason. To make America greater, you must fight against racism; not vote for a multi-billionaire that tells you a PROMISE that you been hearing for decades but never received.

     Thanks to everyone that contributed to lifting up their voice or even making history to speak on the problems in the most developed country in the World: President Barack Obama, Tommie Smith, Nas, David Banner, Dr. Umar Johnson, Minister Louis Farrakhan, Dick Gregory, Cappadonna, Born Divine, T.I.P., Big Daddy Kane, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar,  Lebron James, New Era Detroit, Terrence Howard, Ariginal Da General, Wiz Khalifa, Y.G., Snoop Dogg, Nipsey Hussle, Macklemore, Willie D, Taraji P. Henson, Ice Cube, Missy Elliot, The Real SoulDaddy, MC Ren, EA Ski, and more... If you would like to stand up and join this #Movement, then become a supporter today! The war that we fight now is not foreign, it is in the music. Calling all artists willing to fight for your honor, record your #WarSong and upload it to EmpireIAM Artists.

Let's all come together and stand to fight the war against racism. We just don;t need this, our children need this so they can have a beautiful tomorrow! Click GET INVOLVED to join this imperial movement --->


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