Scottie Armonie: Lady Baller From The Heavens

     Half-Puerto Rican & West Indie Queen, Scottie Armonie, has taken a hold to the game. Born in Harlem, this female MC is showing these young male rappers how to really do it on the lyrical aspect. She lived with her biological parents and grandmother. She listened to legends like 2Pac, Michael Jackson, Biggie Smalls, Anita Baker and more in her headphones on cassette tapes that her father gave her. Her name derived from her favorite basketball player +ScottPippenBulls and Armonie is "A Priceless Gift From The Heavens". "My love of music came from my father, who is a full-blooded Trinidadian; and tall long sleek legs came from my mother which is German and Puerto Rican." - Scottie stated. Although Scottie was known for being the IT child of her family, she suffered much tragedy in her life such as her parents battling with drug abuse, homelessness, death and more. At 7 years old, Scottie was taken from her biological parent's custody and placed in foster care for their incapability of taking care of her. They would on occasionally visit her at these homes, which often bounced around in locations all over the city and then shockingly stopped. When Ashley turned 10 years old she was adopted. As Scottie got older during those years of growth, she never forgot what her father had said to her "YOU WILL BE GREAT ONE DAY".
      Those long spoken word's had started to lose effect on her; and she began indulging in the wrong crowd's never going to school and forgetting her passion of music. She never fully gave it up though she participated in local sports like track-n-field, basketball and football at one point until her mother did not approve of it so when on doing cheerleading and other physical appliances. She was always trying to run away from her calling but staying out late one night, she came across a group of boys and men rapping on a corner. By her seeing this with her two eyes, it inspired her to pursue the journey of being an MC aka Master of Ceremony. At age 13, she joined battles full of boys even though no one paid this "Bay Bay's Kid" any mind. From that point on, Scottie always knew that she wanted to become an ARTIST. 
     Scottie dealt with bullying, fights, non-acceptance and oddness for being the girl who dressed weird and acted weird. Though she never let that get to her, she felt as if they were the ones who were simple minded and did not take time out to understand her. By the age of 16, she was all in for the rap battling scene. She would rap about sneakers, food, clothing, jewelry and became very popular for it; but the bullying never stopped so she kept the acting rapping ,dancing , singing on the low in her neighborhood afraid that if "they" found out she would be teased for it and misconstrued for wanting to be a boy. She still entered into pageants, praise dances at church, and local talent shows; which surprisingly to her won a majority of them. One day her life suddenly changed when she was approached by a label owner and asked if she wanted to join an independent label group. Scottie became putting out mixtapes and singles. 
     Soon was one of the hottest female MCs out, but her loyalty to the independent label caused her to slowly began to see she did not want to be a part of the solo act anymore. Scottie left leaving her fans and people who loved her battles. Between the years of 2009 and 2011, she belonged to a lot of independent groups and dissapoinments with releasing mixtapes like G.I Jane, Repetition, and This Is Me. She also featured on upcoming mixtapes like BAD GIRLS , ALL HAIL THE QWUEENS, UNSIGNED HYPE, Queen of Da Game 2, etc. She is on the list of one of the dopest female MCs on the "cumup" and will make a BANG! when she is officially signed. Scottie has turned down many label offers like ATLANTIC RECORDS, just for the simple fact of knowing her WORTH. 

   Scottie is a product of true talents, though her not being around her mother did damaged her to a certain degree she believes it is the engine to what drives her to perfection. Scottie has been on the listings for her raw and OUTSPOKEN talent with female MCs such as REMY MA, LADY LUCK, NICKI MINAJ and TRINA. Though the young lyricist says "This is only the beginning SCOTTIE ARMONIE will never be done and thanks every human being for loving me for who I am and getting to know my music". Even though Scottie Armonie is a free agent, companies are blowing up her phone in regards to full distribution, endorsements, featured movie roles, interviews, and appearances at public events.

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