YDB Continues His Father's Legacy

   12 years after the death of ODB, his son has finally stepped into the major spotlight. Continuing his father's legacy, the name that he carries on his back is Young Dirty Bastard. With the same soul as his late great pops, Young Dirty is showing the world what its like coming from the Prince of Brooklyn Zoo. "The difference between a warrior and an ordinary man is that a warrior sees everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man sees everything as a blessing or a curse". Son of Old Dirty Bastard, Young Dirty Bastard aka YDB, is finally coming straight outta the Shaolin to revenge what happened to his father. As one of the first Wu-Babies, he is second generation of the lyrical temple. Since Young Dirty Bastard has been given the crown, he linked up with the sons of Big Pun, Chris Rivers and Eazy-E, Yung Eazy on the new school classic My 3 Sons.

Even though YDB feels like no one is helping him, he continues to build up his #empire. "While in the battlefield, the only help you have is either your M16 or sword. Most of the time, your commander may not be present in the line of battle so you have to use the resources that you have to defeat your adversaries." - VDotNam. Besides what you hear on gossip video channels, the Wu is a family and most paparazzi media companies use dirt to get the high volumes of traffic. Don't believe the hype of these tabloids, RZA has reached out to the YG on the track Can't Get Right and many more projects. In due time, YDB will be right besides the big dawgs. But for now, he is in extensive training.

"It is only when a person gets into difficulty that one can see his heart" - Chinese Proverb. Since RZA, GZA and the other 7 brothers are the OGs; its up to YDB to show the world what the dirty movement is all about. As the throne of Young Wu-Tang Clan awaits Young Dirty, he is currently dropping his current mixtape series, A Dirty Tomorrow. The release date of his debut album will be announced as soon. You can find Young Dirty Bastard at the SXSW Wu-World Radio Takeover along with Young Wu-Tang Clan: Solomon Childs, Young Justice (GZA's Son), Sun God (Ghostface's Son), Young Lord (Lord Jamar's Son) and many more...
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