Tisha Cambell: Gina Comes At Nicki Minaj

      It all started when Nicki Minaj aka Ms Barbie called Tisha Cambell-Martin "Gina". This song sets the record straight to the world, that she is more than just a skilled actress from the show Martin. People didn't realize Tisha use to be in the music industry before the Beyonce's and Nicki's. Her musical talent was first debuted in the movie Little Shop of Horrors as a Hairspray Dreamgirl with Tichina Arnold in 1986. She dropped her first album in 1993 entitled Tisha while acting in the popular urban sitcom Martin. The single from the album was entitled "Love Me", which was released Mid-Late 1992. She started off as a R&B singer back in the game doing more than just being a recording artist. Mrs Cambell-Martin has been in music and film since she was the age of 6 years old. Tisha also contributed her talents to tv shows, movies, soundtracks and music videos such as House Party 1, 2 & 3; Sprung; Wild Wild West; Will 2K by Will Smith; You're Makin Me High by Toni Braxton; Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; My Wife & Kids; Everybody Hates Chris and many more.

In the song Lazy B****, Tisha let the Barbie have it with truth and she's not even a rapper...until now.
Check out the official music video of #LazyBitch below:

   Don't get it twisted... Even though she is mostly known for being in the show Martin, she takes her career as a multi-talented BossLady very serious. Sitting on top of her throne, Tisha screams out "You're Outta Order... This Ain't Gina B****" just to let Little Miss Barbie know what the deal really is... As a veteran, Tisha is showing all the young girls who really run the game with calling Nicki her fetus! #LazyBitch

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