Raven Symone, Stacey Dash & Self-Racism

     Two of America's former most loved black actresses, Raven Symone and Stacey Dash, seems to be digging a deeper hole for themselves in the media regarding to their racially attacked statements . Even though these two celebrities may have the wealth, it still does not mean that they should belittle the skin color of their #1 fans.
   "In the suburbs, it is hard growing up being the only asiatic kid living in a predominately Caucasian area. Acceptance is what all young children wants, but it seems to be stripped from the hands of each and every American child by racial confused celebrities, supremacist groups, the GOP as well as teachers in the school systems", VDotNam said. Known from the Crosby Show and her own Disney sitcom That's So Raven, here is what Ray had to say.

    You would of never though that every black man's dream of the 90's, Stacey Dash, could feel so heartless about Black Entertainment also known as Urban. Known from her being in movies like Mo Money & Clueless, Stacey is definitely matching up to that title. Featured in Gunz N Roses with Lisa Ray, Lil Kim & Lucy Lu; this hollywood celebrity haven't realized that the strong sisters before her time paved a way Dash to be able to get cast for serious movie roles as well as receive nominations and awards. While digging in the media vaults, you will see that none of Stacey's husbands been of color. It may be that she has the Uncle Ruckus syndrome and don't realize that she's of African decent. Before all of this occurred, she isolated herself from her family.  It has gotten to a point that Roc-A-Fella Record's partner, Damon Dash doesn't even talk to her anymore. Back when they was growing up, they use to be tight, but as they grew older the two separated in careers and political views on life. While going in this deeply, you'll see that both Stacey and Raven talk by impulse just to get attention of the world.

    Deputing the radical remarks of self-racism, these views comes from not being accepted by her own people in the early part of her life. As this star's fame grew throughout the urban communities, the approach from most black men seemed vulgar and rude. After using BET, JET, KING Magazine and many more black companies to get the position as the Director of Minority Outreach Program of the OSCARS; Dash is showing her allegiance to the GOP, Tea Cup and Republican Party. The main question would be: Why bite the hand that feeds you?. When you turn on the TV, most of the time you will see Caucasians on every channel and when you see a black man, he's either a stealer, killer or drug dealer. "History repeats itself, I call this right here a New Generation of a House N****. I wouldn't be surprised if she started wearing a sheet over her head, screaming out White Power.", said by @VDotNam. Aries Spears along with other top entertainers has their own views on what she said and how she feel.

     Now to put this into perceptive, Mrs Dash lost knowledge and in-sight of her roots. You can tell that she's programmed and definitely is getting large sums of money to say these things in the media. Since this controversy has escalated to politics, you see that the presidential candidate, Donald Trump, agrees to Stacey's philosophy and ill-mannered ideas. Watch as the fire gets added to the grill:

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