Kevin Gates talks Album Sales, Rihanna being bought out, Stacy Dash and more

     From Pitchfolk to Spin Magazine, Kevin Gates is no foe when it comes to the music hits. Introduced in the Freshmen issue of XXL, this artist did not waste no time to ball hard in the industry. With 2 song floating through the billboard chart this year, 2 Phones and Really Really, he is doing good for an artist that is managing another major artist. With 14 mixtapes before the album, this is Kevin's first debut album entitled Islah. When you listen to popular music today, all you hear is the same thing repetitively like bragging how much was spend on materialistic items and twerk that @$$. "As you press play, you can tell that this is no ordinary commercial album." From hood anthems like The Truth and La Familia finally being popular in the mainstream, this album could change the direction of where Hip-Hop is headed in the near future. 

     Although Rihanna’s album instantly went to No.1 within its first week of sales, according to Kev, that spot belonged to him. Gates told 93.9’s The Fam In The Morning show that when he went to Apple they told him that his album was really No.1, but he really didn’t care because he didn’t care if the album was No.13. He said Apple went on to tell him that Samsung paid for some of Rihanna’s albums making the sales and reported numbers unfair, and meaning Kevin’s album was really No. 1. A lot of times things like this in the industry happen. Look at when Taylor Swift won the award and Kanye took it from out of the little girl's hands. As a producer you know when you produce that number #1 records, and Yay felt that the world should know his boss's wife won that award fair and square.

While Kevin is busy on the road touring, artists all around the country are being scouted as performers open up for this hot commodity in the music industry. Scheduled to perform in Chicago, IL. (April 16th) and in Toledo, OH. (April 25th), there will be an audition for 1 artist to open up for KVG himself in Akron, Ohio on March 30th at The Vortex Concert Club. Ticket prices start at $10. VIP Bottle Services Available. Doors open at 8:00pm. ID is required. Must be 18+ to enter/ 21 to Drink. The event will be presented by ArtistAuditions and Royal Heir Entertainment. Sponsored by Essence and SHADE45 SiriusXM Satellite Radio. For more information, please call (213) 375-VDOT

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