DJ Vietnam Hustlematics Contest & Partnership

     DJ Vietnam 'The Mixtape AkroGod' will release a new mixtape on the music platform for DJs and Producers, Mixtape Dynasty, as a free download. This mixtape, entitled "Hustlematics," is a mind-blowing music project in which Vietnam takes you through the elementary of the game, reemphasizing the great hustling tracks of all time. This idea came in existence after Nam touched back down to Ohio from Texas on the song "All On Da Grind" featuring the Central Texas OG, J Money (of Cut Throat/ Bad Influence Click). Hustlematic is a mixtape series inspired by DJ Screw & OG Ron C.
      "Hustlematics" is a truly brilliant record full of classic dope jams, Vietnamized beats and classical instruments in which DJ Vietnam's extraordinary sense of productivity is shining, while still leaving room for street knowledge. In his interview with Mixtape Dynasty DJs, Vietnam declared, "I am always trying to figure a way to educate while entertaining. Since everybody wants to either be a rapper or a hustler, this mixtape breaks down what our kids consider as #TrapMusic. Before #Trap, there was something that existed called #GrindRap". GrindRap was created in 2007 with the help of Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane. This is the perfect time to see what other artists that love this music so much can do using a #VDotBeat.

Mixtape Dynasty just launched the DJ Vietnam Hustlematics Contest, which is open to all artists. Three tracks are available in full original versions:

- NeverGonComeDown

- Spark Up Da Phillies


------> SUBMIT SONG HERE  <-----

GotTalent and DoggHabit Clothing are joining this contest as partners and offering great prizes for experienced and new DJs:
  1. Grand Prize: Distribution deal with GrindHouse Records/ CutThroat Cartel/ Symphonic Music, full album produced by +VDotNam Jones and a chance to perform at the GotTalent Showcase in Harlem, NY & Washington DC.
  2. Second prize: An exclusive mixtape slot on #MyFavoriteMixtape and one DoggHabit Tee & Backpack, offered by DoggHabit Clothing
  3. Runner-ups: ten free, fully unlocked versions of the Mixtape Dynasty DJs app, offered by DJ Vietnam & VI4V International.

Remixes must be submitted by June 17, 2016. A voting period will follow and the final winners will be announced on July 4, 2016.

Sponsored by GrindHouse Records, Hunid Rack Energy Drink and many more. For more information, please contact our press team at

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