Mogul Releases 2 Projects On The Same Day After Silicon Valley

    From the battlefield to the nation's capitol. Hip Hop Technologist from Detroit and Ohio, Vietnam Jones aka VDotNam will be releasing his newest mixtape entitled "House of Drama" and a DJ/Producer coalition named "Mixtape Dynasty" on February 22nd. H.O.D. is one out of 5 in Vietnam's current series. This project will feature Northeast Ohio's R&B sensation, Ryan Germany, Chuzo300 from ABD/ MobTies and more Immortal affilaites. The first single off the "House of Drama" materpeice is the club banger Break It Down featuring Ryan Germ.  The last time these two were together doing music, they won several choir championships with Firestone High School. Now since they are grown now, you can see the upcoming Billboard hit rise in the charts. The original release date for the mixtape was set for Tuesday on the 23nd of February but will be rushed because of anticipation.

For the streets, VDot released the song "Rich Broke N*gga" displaying that the genius has finally got out of his shell. With the completion of Vietnam's Empire, his music speaks knowledge and hope. From military training and experience in Fort Hood, VDotNam's Soulja Mindstate is shown lyrically in every track that he does as well as the software that he creates. This Great Lakes mixtape features 12 explosive tracks that will having you rocking and toe tapping while dealing with everyday life. HOD tells the story of a Army Veteran from Detroit that got deployed to a rival state right after Iraqi training.

    In the same room with East Coast's top technologists, two prototypes "Text4Help" & "OSCO BusinessSuite" ,developed by Mr. Jones, was displayed in Silicon Valley Harlem.  There VDot connected with HBO & the Apollo Theater while in Harlem. While introducing both platforms to event attendees,  Chairman Samuel Williams displayed the world the power of NG911, which landed T4H/ EmpireIAM a major deal with iWatch & Philadelphia.  It's phenomenal that VDotNam replaced his M16 for a microphone just to defend the children and civilians lyrically from the verbal terrorists spitting poison to the people.

Today's music has caused children and great people to commit suicide as well as the increase of hate crimes and family rivalry. Last year, a young high school boy from Canada that was a die-hard Drake fan killed his self. The reason was that his favorite artist doesn't write his own music after Meek Mills exposed him in a diss record. Even day he use to go through the 6 with his friend and finding this out was heartbreaking.

    VDotNam told us in an interview "Even though the music may sound good, keep in mind that our children all over the world can hear you as well as see you. This is why Text4Help was created: To help out students and strong-minded adults that are suicide risk. When children hear the music, most not all learn from what they perceive. The music that they listen makes who they are or will become". While creating a whole world online, Detroit-Ohio technologist saw Lee Daniel's television series, #Empire, and was motivated because what he has been working on for half of a decade is finally being portrayed on national television. Back in 2006, this Empire was predicted to come into existence by former booking agent, Anthony B.

    6 days before the event, Vietnam attended and marched in the Million Man March: Justice Or Else where he met the official DJ of #UTFO while promoting Rock N Roll Hall of Famer, Royal Height of the Orioles. The historic thing about Royal is that he is also the nephew of Dorthy Height, which spoke at the last Million Man March 20 years ago. Mr Height was responsible for the theme song for the #MillionManMarch and #WashingtonDC's city anthem "Taxation Without Representation". Months after, VDot showed up at the swearing in of Delegate Susan Proctor as the Delegate of Southern Maryland. During the special historic event, Jones gaves his condolences to the Proctor family for their loss. While settling in Washington DC, VDot became more relieved with 1 less burden to carry. There was a lawyer by the name of Mike Moore that donated books to the Detroit Public School System, which has always been one thing V wanted to happen. During the fantastic journey from his second hometown to DC and back, VDot predicted that he would bring 200,000 jobs in the counties as soon as he touched down to the Great Lakes. Below shows that Hip Hop Empire's CEO has taken part in reconstructing the fiscal economy of America by adding jobs in the Rap communities:
From the time that he was absent from the Great Lakes, Vietnam received extensive training from the best the 1st African American martial artists to develop his own style using both Northern & Sourthern Shaolin techniques and structures. In the mist of thought, Vietnam merged both Motivational Arts and off-set Lyricism forming his new style.

    Patriotic to his mission, VDotNam bridged the gap between Hip-Hop and government affairs adding a missing link to communication "The Semi-Majors". The recording industry was created in 1891. The Underground has been in existence since the the late 60s. Independent has been here since the late 80's to early 90's, when it was little bit easier for everyday people to record in their own homes. For more than a decade, citizens were forced to listen to what was chosen by the leaders and overseers.  Now since the internet is open, the listener has freedom to listen to what they want to hear and we made it so the artist has freedom to choose what side he or she wants in the music industry. Therefore it took 125 years for the Semi-Majors to come into play with society.

From the 1960s to80's, there were many artists that died with the same dream of becoming a famous star but never gotten a chance. During the 90's, there was a lot of war and many lyrical soldiers lost their lives in the line of duty. It took the exact actions that 2Pac stated would happen in the Don Killuminati: 7 Day Theory album for everyone to notice the lies told by mainstream media. Now the truth has awaken. In one of Pac's last interviews, he stated that we need to feed the children and provide housing for the homeless. On August 20, 2015, it was official that EmpireIAM is the Semi-Major Recording Industry and will train: independent artists to be/think major and small business owners to rise higher in their market while saving money for economic growth. See Vietnam Jones's video from the FCC below:

     20 years after the mysterious event of Tupac Shakur, 2016 has proven to be the Year of Hope.  Immortal Empire (Hip Hop Empire merged with Lifeless Immortal, second generation of ThugLife) has deployed soldiers and recruiters to convert urban children from gang members to military minded musicians.
"You can hear and see the elements in the media affects the minds & lives of the everyone. Broadcast television is only 40% of the featured programming while rest is advertisement but for the music, it's even worse. Over $100 millions of advertisements is put in today's entertainment like Jordans, Gucci, Louie Vuitton, Worldstar, Nike, Versace, Chanel, Panda and many more. The major industry that you see today is like #HighSchool. Everyday is a fashion show and popularity contest. The Jocks and Cool Kids are the ones that get the money, groupies and fame while the ones aren't favored by the teachers and principals has it harder than the rest". 7Star General Nam stated.
     In the beginning of 2016, it was reported that EmpireIAM reached over 30,000 members and 5 million visitors within less than a year. EmpireIAM was created to transition young lives from the streets to the corporate world with education using music and technology. While talking to the Immortal Genius, Master Developer Jones told reporters "Inside of the Empire there are many different counterparts that you use to make your life much easier. First there is the music side which consist of the ArtistLAB Studio, Semi-Major Billboard Charts, Audiator and ArtistSITE platforms. Next is the business side, where you'll find the OSCO BusinessSuite, HR LAB, PointOfSales StoreCounter, OfficeSuite, PaperworkPRO and the IAMStore. Last but not least is the "SocialKingdom" which connects all of the component together making you your own king of your empire".

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