Faith Evans Gets Love From The Grammy's

     Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Faith Evan has made it back to the Grammy's this year ladies and gentlemen. After putting in sleepless hours, all of her work in the industry has paid off.  While the Grammy's is only 2 days away, Faye was nominated for the Best Traditional R&B Performance for her current hit single "He Is" from her 9th solo album release Incomparable.
    Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Actress and Author does it again with his current release "The King & I", which is a debut album with Biggie Smallz produced by Stevie J and accompanied by Kelly Price on the vocals. This will be Faye's 10th studio album, which feature "Mo Money, Mo Problems" by the King of New York & Queen of R&B Divas. 19 years after losing the love of his life and father of 2 children (Christopher & Chyna); it was time for this R&B Diva to Keep the Faith and do what was planned by her and Biggie before their marriage.
   Just to represent for Big Poppa, Mr. Faye would have made Biggie so proud of what she has accomplished thus far. In 2013, Faith was on her sixth nomination for the Grammy Awards so you can just imagine how her award shelf is racking up. Also she appeared on the Real Husbands of Hollywood as well as Stevie J & Joseline: Go Hollywood. Working the scenes, Faith did the executive production for R&B Divas: Atlanta & Los Angeles. Then dropped the album R&B Divas Atlanta, which she also led. This album was released on October 2, 2012 and also nominated for a multiple Grammys and became multi-platinum instantly. Proceeds from the album were given to the Whitney E. Houston Academy of Creative & Performing Arts in East Orange, New Jersey. 
Cake Design by @bcakeny.
Earlier today, Former Bad Boy recording artist, R&B Diva Faith Evans was blessed with gift from one of the top cake designers in New York.  Posted on the same day as her performance (February 13) in Grand Rapids, MI, this artistic cake ideal theme was The Grammy's. To the far right, you will see the cake from a diagonal view (bottom to the top): the red carpet guiding you to the stairs; leading up to the stage; and finally getting to the award. Just by the size comparison from the pic (further left) with her and the cake posted side by side, it at least look like its over 3 feet tall. Along with the cake, a photograph of the #1 Cake Designer was also attached.All the time that I know of Faith, she has always been a kind, humble and down-to-earth woman.Only an Artiste knows a real Artiste and this is the proof in the batter ladies and gentlemen!

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