The Semi-Majors Go Viral After Leaving The FCC

   The Semi-Major Recording Industry, EmpireIAM was just reporte that it has went viral just with 18 months. Told by many sources that they are the next WorldStar, this freshmen becoming a sophomore company did what major recording artists have done in record sales just with views and streaming alone. Developed by Detroit-Ohio's first Hip Hop Technologist, Elven Jones Jr states that "It didn't even suppose to be nothing other than a social network for the Hip Hop Empire but it took off on its own." After it was presented to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) during the Supply Diversity Workshop & Conference on August 20th, the development of this mega-project has became so robust that has flooded the servers."The last time I did this was when I was working with the Hip Hop Hall of Fame", Vietnam continued."There were days that I really saw over 100,000 per 24 hours. There was nothing I could I do after seeing the high data and traffic statistics expect for build more".

"Sometime I feel like I go too hard when it comes to developing and designing. But being named Elven, I am blessed with powers that ordinary man do not possess." Elven as a name means to illuminate by or align against the moon.The full form of a children with the first name Elven is Persistent and possess leadership abilities; Dream big and so are their achievements in real world; and transform any idea into reality which make them a master builder equipped with ingenuity and innovation.

    In the middle of work, the idea of having a semi-professional league of music just like there is are ones for basketball, baseball, American football and soccer. Recognized by the owners of the Apollo Theatre, The Semi-Majors is predicted to brings out hotter talent than what is released in today's commercial media channels. Some of today's great athletic has been in the Semi-Pro league. With the Semi-Pros, we don't focus on the lifestyle of celebrities; instead we zoom in on the motivation, drive and success of that celebrity. With the assistance of IOE's first consultant, Samuel Williams II was the IT expert that was responsible for discovering this Hip Hop Technologist and his work.

After months of training in arts, Mr. Jones received his medal after instructing the first class of students and performing live in front of their parents. The Temple of Motivational Arts has 2 chambers with over 8 students per class. Since martial arts deals with the mind, body and soul; Master Elven was added to implement into the intelligence sector. Now he teaches young children web development and coding. Elven is scheduled to lead his first workshop in the Summer of 2016 shortly after the release of his first commercial album.

In the beginning of 2016, it was reported that EmpireIAM reached over 30,000 members and 5 million visitors within less than a year. As of February 9th, the Semi-Majors received some much traffic that it overloaded the servers. This is the second time that Vietnam has created a site so large that it knocked all the other websites again. Proper research, Vietnam was able to find the issue. It was growth of the VDotNam's ArtistSITE and Mixtape Dynasty portal has massively increased the computer usage causing all component to crash. First it was EmpireIAM University and Text4Help, now has has affected all 20 platforms.

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