Detroit Rapper VDotNam talks MMG beef, Triple Cs and start of #MaybachDetroit

   Shortly after the #ReignAsKings concert, @VDotNam checked his back-up phone and seen a missed phone call from Detroit's most hated record label. Since the tension between Maybach and Detroit has gone viral throughout the course of time, this GreatLakes artist has disrupted the Hip Hop industry with one of the biggest moves in urban entertainment. V Dot Nam is the nephew of 1st African American to graduate from WestPoint from Michigan D.C. Adams. As a military veteran and entrepreneur, he figured a way how to bring more money into the Great Lakes, which powers this whole nation. "There is a lot of poverty in Detroit, Cleveland, Akron, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis as well as many more cities and towns. The people need jobs. Once the economy Detroit is known as the city of Motors, Akron is known for Tires. Both cities keeps America riding smoothly with no worries. Even though there's an army of immortal soldiers that dislike the Miami rapper, most civilians around the United States thinks he has great sounding music. Give the customers what they want". If Detroit Native, VDotNam, was to sign with Maybach Music Group that would help rebuild communities in Detroit and create more programs to keep the kids off the streets throughout the Great Lakes starting with his 2 hometowns: #Detroit and #Akron. As the 1st Detroit native rapper to end this war, V has finally settled the feud between him and Maybach Music mogul, Rick Ross.
    It was reported that the Detroit rapper jumped on a track produced by BeatsByThePound with the MMG stamp and currently has a pending deal on the table. After the completion of "House of Drama", V has been in the studio working hard with big name producers of the 90s. During the time VDotNam touched down to Miami with the "Diamonds And Dolla$ Everyday (D.A.D.E.)" campaign, he didn't see Rick Ross on the streets. The only ones he encountered was 2 members from Triple C's: Gunplay & Torch. "Man I saw that n*gga Gunplay in Little Haiti dropping off a prosto. I didn't even pass him a copy of my street album because it cost to be boss. Ain't nothings FREE in Miami. Profit is the reward of working a job." That same year, VDotNam was invited to Diddy's 2009 New Years Party but he turned it down because he was booked to perform at Club Madonna II on Biscayne blvd in Miami Beach. "While cats laughs, I marched throughout their whole city pushing cd packs like powdered crack, now hard work is paying off well. Life Is Good, I'm on that Nas sht man..."
   On May 4, 2009 Since the release of OG Freeway Ricky Ross, Detroit rapper @VDotNam has been at Miami rapper, Rick Ross's neck. On the studio recording "History In Da Makin", V set the record straight between the rapper using the moniker and the true American Gangster. Holding it down for his set, VDot released his version of BMF entitled "Blatant Mutha F***a" in 2010 addressing the materialistic rappers on his Hip Hop Hit List. VDotNam gained respect from G-Unit's top general, 50 Cent, after assisting him on the battlefield on "The Revenge Of The Realest & Shadiest" hosted by East Los Angeles's own, Spider Loc. As a DJ, he went in so hard on major artists that the CEO of the coalition had to suspend both DJ Vietnam and DJ Chuck T for causing a disruption in the mixtape industry. In an interview with Freeway Ricky Ross, the OG stated that the rapper got the "Everyday I'm Hustling" chant from his book Black Scarface
 Around the same time that the Maybach Music Group line-up was formed, VDot's Lifeless Immortal Army was constructed. On Jun 22, 2014, the city of Detroit was declared as the No-Fly Zone. This was told by HOT 107.5 at the 2014 Summer Jamz Concert that Saturday night in Detroit. Miami's Boss of Trap Rap was unable to perform due to a mob of over 100 people blocking his entry to the area.
      The controversy between the Maybach Music Group leader and Detroit came from the love and respect that the city of Detroit has for the Real Boss Freeway Ricky Ross. The song that Trick Trick and Royce Da 5' 9" just verifies it.The single's main message calls for a ban of any artist who doesn't collaborate with artists native to The D. HOT 107.5's program director, Jay Hicks, subsequently explained his absence to the crowd, which highly disappointed the fans.

    “I'm going to be real with y'all; I'm going to be real as f***. We had Rick Ross right outside here tonight," Hicks said. "At about 11 o’clock, when he was pulling up to come into Chene Park, he was met by 100 individuals outside. We have tried to pull every resource together and asked him to come back. He is in fear of his life.”

    The program director would go on to say that Rick Ross may never come back to Detroit because of the actions of the city and reiterated that Ross was in fear for his life.
"And he may never come back to Detroit, and that's no bullshit," Hicks said. "This is some real shit. He was in fear of his life and he is not performing here tonight."
    According to, a spokeswoman for a company working with the city-owned park where the show was held said the venue did all they could to ensure safety inside during the show. Detroit Police Sargent Eren Stephens also told the Michigan-based publication she was unaware of any arrests that took place in or outside Chene Park on Saturday night involved with the scheduled concert.
Rick Ross later posted a tweet about the controversy calling it a "peace protest" and that there were "locked gates" blocking his entry. Saturday's lineup also included A$AP Ferg, Rico Love, Sevyn Streeter, B.o.B, and Scarface, among others.

   "Even though Trick Trick formed a human barricade to block Rozay from entering, this is deeper than rap", VDot said. It all started from using another man's name Freeway Rick Ross and image to make profit all the way to mocking Big Meech (Detroit) while the whole BMF got raided. "Rozay caused a lot of damage in the minds of the youth, but didn't realize that the American Gangster #2 would get out so soon. I'm guessing he thought the OG would be incarcerated for the rest of his life. Nall bruh... ", VDot continues on. It would be just right if the Rapper paid the cost to the Real American Gangster that changed his life for his family as well as the youth. Still by rapping about hustling on the streets while using the name dishonors every street hustler that did what they had to do to survive in one's neighborhood.
    While rapper Rick Ross having Stalley on his line up representing Ohio, VDotNam may be the first Detroit artist to represent Maybach Music Group (MMG). Ironically, Both Stalley & VDotNam attended the same elementary school while he was living in Massillon, where he almost lost his life the 2nd time. Based in Akron, VDotNam was born in royalty but was forced to be raised without his siblings and close love ones. V recorded his first Maybach release on Thursday February 11 and passed it over to the label hours after leaving the studio.  The name of V's first commercial release using the Maybach theme will be announced real soon. Be on the look out for more coverage from #VDOT and his comrades. Here's a preview of the new track:
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