What I Want For XMas - Chance Willz

Independent artist straight out of Columbia, Maryland releases one of the most epic movie videos that brings Hip-Hop and traditional holiday celebrations together. Watch as Chance drinks Hennessey on the job and appears seemingly uninterested in the Christmas wishes of the children. Inspired by “Bad Santa", Director Joseph Andrew Sedwick Townsend of Townsend Films takes a twist on one of the most popular American Christmas movies. Laugh and kick it as little husky kids ask for Christmas gifts such as the newest Xbox and Willz raps about wanting a fifth of gin for XMas. This is for everyone that's having Christmas In January. Perfermed by Chance Willz. Directed by @Townsendfilms. Script written by @Poop_Lagoon. Photography by @Ekerik & @JaytheLoudman. Actors and Actresses: Victoria Scates, Mark Williams & Erik Schlereth.

“In the song, everything I’m saying is real. I wanted to make a song where every year, people could play it,” - Chance Willz.See more music, news, videos and special reports on the "Truth of the Industry", Hip Hop Empire Magazine. Stay up Always.... WORD!

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