Top 10 Craziest Stylez In Rap

     Have you ever realized the craziest things that Hip Hoppers worldwide be wearing? Most have seen the many different trends that have been publized throughout the lifetime of our most powerful culture. Trends in the music industry is one of the top elements that changes the physical appearances of the people. Some are cool looking, some are ridiculous, some are provocative but all are unique in its own way.
     In the current state of Hip Hop, there has been some many trendous fashions that you see a lot of old styles coming back like: Box Top Fades, Skin Tight Clothing, Snap Back Ball Caps and Retro Sneakers; but we are talking about the things that made many heads turn. Mic check, is this thing on? Let's begin...

1) Flava Flav's Neck Watch
     See Public Enemy was a revolutionary supergroup, which many people consider  them as political leaders within the lines of Spike Lee, Malcolm X, Marcus Gravey, Angela Davis and a million other great contributors; but the one thing that made people noticed them the most visually was the weird looking guy with the wall clock on his chain screaming out "YEEEAAAAA BOOOOYYYYYY!". Even though everybody paid attention to Flav's chain-piece, PE still got the message out. Speaking unity, civil rights and education to all that wants to listen!

2) Shock G's Nose
     Everything you hear the name "Digital Underground", you can't do anything except for think of the enormous nose on Shock G; but then when he drop them rhymes, you still feel the "Out The Box" flavor that he kicking. It was a line that Shock dropped that was so cold that even when people was like "Ewwww, that digusting", it was still made people feel it witta laugh:

I like my beats funky,
I'm spunky. I like my oatmeal lumpy.

     Shock didn't stop there, he knew people was going to try to talk down on his style so he embraced it before any rapper tried to clown him with:

My nose is big, uh-uh I'm not ashamed
Big like a pickle, I'm still gettin' paid...

Every since then, Shock's legacy remains in the Hip Hop History books. Just ask your nearest legend.

3) Kris Kros's Backwards Clothes
     Before Lil Bow Wow, there was these young talented minors. With the perfect name to describe their style, you knew what they was about just by what they go by Kris Kros. Their first commercial debut hit, JUMP JUMP, is what made a lot of children in the Early to Mid-80's look up to them. By the time they dropped their second single, almost ever kid wanted to wear their clothes backwards just like Mac Daddy & Daddy Mac. This young rap duo paved a way for every youth that deals with problems in school and more, just listen to that "I Missed The Bus" track; you'll see/ hear what I'm talking about! 
     Although the years, rumors were spreaded about the reason why they wore their pants backwards. The truth in the matter is that if Jermaine Dupri didn't  match their image with their fashionous style, then they would of been another group of urban youths from the Ghetto trying to break into the industry. Never listen to other people, always get the information from the horse's mouth first! 

4) MC Hammer's Parachute Pants
     Everybody thought that Hammer was foolish when he put on those oh so baggy pants until he got on top along with his bank account. MC Hammer took Hip Hop fashion to the next level with the "You Can't Touch This" music video; which integrated music, clothing, dancing with the models. But that wasn't the end, he also dropped his cartoon series, Hummerman, which aired in the line-up of Saturday morning cartoons. Pay attention though, the shades that he had on his face was Cartiers, a top notch designer brand that high profiles celebrities wore and still are wearing as we speak.

5) Cam Ron's Pink Tee
    Killa Cam, former member of Children of the Corn & current general of Dip Set, stepped out wearing the pink. Proving that you don't have to be a women to look shape rocking this color. From the clothes to the shoes, he stood out from everybody else but when he cashed out and bought that Pink Ferrari, he shut the the game down as well as on the streets. Even his Dip Set chain had Pink diamonds embedded inside. Who would of ever thought that he would have the 90's babies rocking pink like its the new black?

6) 50 Cent's Spinning Chain
     Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent was one of the first artists of today's current music industry to step out with a spinning medallion hanging off his G-Unit chain. Everybody that was a G-Unit soulja wasn't caught without having this on their neck, from Banks to Yayo to Buck all the way to Game. This was an idea taken from the infamous, Sprewell Spinning Rims. Even though the chain didn't keep spinning when a person stopped, it still had great values. I think the rapper 50 spent at least a 1/4 of a mill for his trendyful neckwear. While everybody was hating, he was laughing to the bank with this. Ha... Ha, Ha, Ha, Haaaaaaa!

7) Andre's Irish Kilt
     One Half of OutKast, Andre 3000 set the mark when he wore an irish kilt in the "Internaternal Players" music video; which featured the Underground Kingz (UGK). The events in this music video were actually true, Mr 3000 did get married while shooting this. International Players was to celebrate another playa hanging up the jersey after being in the game so long.  Afterwards, you seen the rapper Kanye try to mimic what was already done by wearing a leather kilt on stage while he was performing, but instead it looked like Yay was wearing a skirt. Sorry, that's the reason why Kilts are plaid and skirts are every other color...

8) Lil Kim's Hair
     Before Nicki Minaj, there was a hot mami in the industry that had a wig/ hair design for everything that she wore. Lil Kim broke the fashion barrier for females with wearing anything that she felt like rocking. In the 90's, you would never caught Kimmy looking plain Jane.... Either if it was on stage or simply going shopping, she always switched it up.What you expect, a Queen Bee must be able to dress incognig just so people won't catch on as fast. The release of the Hardcore album, roze so far that every little girl wanted to be just like Lil' Kim. History repeats itself, now who do you see on TV trying to recreate what this Boss Chick did?

9) Brat's Homegirl Flava
     Chi-Town's own, Da Brat, let it be know that if the men can do it, why can't the women do it? From her boyish style of trends to the hardcore way of rapping, this Homegirl here set the mark for the Female Studs to be able to act and dress just like the fellows. When BRAT was in her prime, female rappers were not even her competition, instead it was the dudes that was spitting on the mic. On her debut release Funkified, she introduced the world to this flavor; but a couple years later, Anuthatantrum clarified what she really meant.

10) Master P's Mouthpiece
     It was said that the East Coast created Grills, indeed that might be true but the south rebirthed this style within the industry. At the time when Jerseys and Throwbacks were popular, Master P took center stage with his mouthpiece. Known as the Black Bill Gates throughout the early to late 90's, people knew P from the way he said Ugghhhhh.... with his top lip rising up showing his gold grill. You know how they say it cost to be the boss, that's what happens when you sell a million copies of your album on the streets straight out the trunk. Every album that P did, you seen that No Limit tank and behind all of that was his mouthpiece

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