What Happened To Real Hip-Hop Lyricism (Part 1)

    Since the beginning of the New World Hip-Hop Era, we have seen artists come and go throughout the decades, which we will see an artist drop their debut album then after that they fall off the face of the Earth; and I noticed that it is not even the artists' fault most of the time when it comes to getting the music recorded. By the legality of contract, that artist is obligated to record a certain amount of songs/ projects within the time-frame of the agreement signed. Just so you'll understand: There are restrictions to meeting a mainstream record labels' criteria. The business aspect of the industry has not changed, but the message within the music has.

     It use to be when an artist could do a whole LP expressing what he/ she is going through straight up raw and uncut. Certain artists are not allowed to write their own lyrics (sometimes directed by the executive producer/ label owner), b/c it might cause difficulty selling massive amount of units in certain countries.For example: Jamaica's own, Bounty Killer dropped a full album in the year 2000 and a certain song was banned in his own country for rebellious lyrical content but the label he was with still released the project and it did quite well in sales if you ask anyone that is a true fan of his art.

    After the spread of Bling Rap started to escalate, all we been hearing is artists talking about the things that they got but avoid really talking about what they had to do to get what they are bragging about. Behind all of the jewelry, fine women and cars; there is ordinary person will talent that has a story to tell.Some only tells the bare minimum and few actually keep it 100. I also noticed that alot of people say that they are fans, but don't really know that much about who they like... All they know is that they like the music that they release.

     Back when I was growing up... still in Middle School going up to High School, there were a lot of lyricists and poets that held it down on the mic like Nas, DMX, Redman and Canibus just to name a few... The first studio album from Nas, ILLMATIC, was and will always be a classic masterpiece but what caught my attention was his sophomore release "It Was Written". It was just the way it was illustrated. Since Nas is known as the "POET OF LIFE", you can learn alot from what he say on this album plus its something for everyone on there. Next up, DMX... What set him skyrocketing with followers was the infamous recording, RuffRyders' Anthem, which introduced the world to the Double R movement. I swear as a youngster growing up in the late 90's, X was the hardest street dude that straight up not give a care... He just did him and barked at people that did not like like his hardcore, ruckus style.

     Everybody know this Brick City MC from doing movies and getting higher than human with his homeboy, Methodical & Horror film's favorite Chuckie... Redman: When I first heard Red, I was like WOOOWWWW all through his first line of albums. It was one line that he dropped on "Red Gon Wild", it still eats up alot of rapper's bars. That line went like:
I'll rip your MC, no matters whose street/
Call Daipus and how Doc rip the loose leaf/ (www.rapgenius.com)
   Another track that Red ripped like a rolling paper was "I Got My Mind Made Up" from 2Pac's All Eyez On Me album featuring Daz Dillinger, Kurupt and Method Man.

Photo to the left credit: www.videohds.com

     Really before I got in the game seriously, I thought Canibus was one of the rawest to ever touch the mic, for he had the ability to structure a rhyme that could crush any component. Note: this was before he got into that beef with Eminem... The former Refugee Camp member stated on a track called "Buckingham Palace":
My style's radioactive, massive atomic/
I plan to push the Earth in front of Haley's Comet/ (http://www.rapgenius.com)
     My first expression when I popped in the very first album that I bought of his, Can-I-Bus, was timeless like a kid getting a new toy. The feature line up on this album included former Refugee Camp member/ 106 & Park's 1st Generation Co-Host, FREE.So if you haven't heard her spit then you can check her out on Canibus' song entitled "Patriots" also featuring Pras. 

At Hip Hop Empire Magazine, we are here to empower the most influential leader of Today "THE MC" with elite coverage on all 5 elements of the game! Hot beats and hooks are cool but realistically, it all about lyrics to us. Any rapper can drop a punchline but if an artist can not drop a song that'll have everyone rewinding back saying do you heard what he/ she said, they are irrelevant in the eyes of the GodMCs in this industry! Thank you for taking your time out of the day to read this in-depth piece. All lyrics are copyrighted by the artists' publishing companies, so don't bite their artwork... Make your own. Stay up tho and Much Love To All The Nations & 7 SEAS!!!!!

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