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Top 5+1 Top MCs (Sabor Latino's List)

Written By VDotNam Jones on Sunday, January 12, 2014 | 22:46

1. Big Pun (The Punisher)
     Big Pun - greatest latino rapper to touch the microphone . Lirical beast, incredible word play and lots of charisma. Goes down as probably top three in the history of hip hop .first latino artist to go platinum. Terror squad member as well. Def one of my favorites. Favorite song" not a player I just crush a lot".

2. Vico C (Godfather of SpanisHipHop)
     Vico C - The Godfather of Latino Hip Hop.  Collaboration with heavy weights like Lisa M , Dj Ruben just to name a few. Excellent inspirational writter .Favorite song explosion and  escuela. 25 years later continues to work on music and give the public positive messages. 
3. KRS-ONE (The Teacher)
     KRS One- lirical machine. self educated , motivated , but more importantly good person. Hands down one of the greatest. The teacher , the microfone  philosopher.

4. Rakim (The God)
     Rakim- goes down as top three mc of all time. Changed the hip hop writing format in his own way. Over 20 years in the game . Rakim is hip hop. House hold name. All the young head need to look him up to understand how hip hop started. One of my favorites of all times. Favorite song - dont sweat the technique. 

5. Nas (The Poet)
     Nas- Another lirical genius. Hands down top 5 of greatest rappers of all time. The best story teller in hip hop. Has sold millions of records world wide. House hold name who can pretty much destroy any team on his own. A lirical problem hands down. Best song if I ruled the world.

+1 Raekwon (The Chef)
     Raekwon- lyrics for days. Tough bars with incredible flow. Should go down as top ten in history of hip hop. Real dude with incredible mind set. Good charisma and good business mas as well. Over 20 years in the game giving people nothing but heat. With tang clan member as well. The young heads need to look up this mc as well.
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