Top 5 Coldest Women That Still Look Good

     Beauty is one thing that's portrayed in the entertainment industry. Even though makeup covers the imperfections on the visual parts of the skin, these females were chosen as the coldest actresses that still look beautiful after 40. Check em out:

1) Stacey Dash
     First debuted on the movie & sitcom, Clueless, Stacey has proven to the world that she is one of the coldest that never aged. Who would of thought that this was Hip Hop mogul, Damon Dash's sister. I don't I didn't when I first seen her. 

2) Pam Grier
     See I had to go back, way back into time to pull this foxy lady up. I remember watching Foxy Brown saying "Oh wee, She's a bad mutha... SHUT YO MOUTH!" but I was talking about Pam. Anyway... from Coffy to Jackie Brown, Beautiful Mz. Grier will always be remembered for being a brick house!

3) Vanessa Williams
     Known for her outstanding voice and beautiful looks, Vanessa always been cold. Just look at her eyes, they'll memorized any man. One thing about Vanessa, she never had to sell sex to reach the Billboard charts. After the movie Eraser w/ Arnold Schwitneiger, s he made her make in Hollywood.

4) Vivica A. Fox
     Vivica, mostly seen in the movie Kill Bill, she is actively engaged with her career. From movies to sitcoms, she still haven't lost her touch. Previously married to the rapper 50 Cent, i know he was happy he had one of the coldest in Hollywood... 

5) Halle Barry
     When Halle was in her prime before Monster Ball, she was drop dead gorgeous in Boomerang which also started Eddie Murphy. All through the 90's Mz Barry was oh so fiyah, why you think they did a song with her name as the title?

     Now that concludes the coldest woman in that still got it in the Hollywood as well as in-person. If we forgot someone, then please feel free to contact us: Stay tuned for more exciting articles from the Empirous!!! 

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