Sabor Latino Makes Large Impact In The Communities As Well In The World

     Hip Hop has gone through hell and back throughout the years, but this artist has broken the barrier with spitting positive messages in Spanish. In the streets of Queens comes a MC with bars motivating the most powerful minds in the world... THE CHILDREN! Not just the Latino children we are motivating but every single one of them. 
     As a young dude growing up Robert Torres use to rhyme in cyphers, which everyone used to say his delivery was flavor... so in Spanish, flavor means "Sabor". Latino was added because he is latin Now put it together, it will spell out Sabor Latino.
     Feeling like it'll be more beneficial for today's youth in the streets if we put more positive messages out there. From the wise words of S. Latino, "To us as representatives of Hip Hop need to make a stand and be more conscious of what we say in our music because a lot of youths in the streets are listening and sometimes they use us as role models."
     I been doing charity events for churches, gave gifts to the children, performed at local venues, appeared on 2 television show up here in NY; and you can see it yourself online. My new video "Presidente" is out right now, as well as "No Mas Violenica". I'm real deep when it comes to spitting the truth, which these two songs are featured on my current album "Observations of My Life".

     What made Sabor want to heal the world is that he was put on this earth to be a leader. His previous experiences as a social worker allowed him to see the state of emergency, that this country is in when it comes to having leaders in our communities that will do what ever it takes to make a difference in society. He chose to motivate the people with his voice as he continues to make a change in many communities around the world with the help of his pride and joy, the microphone. That's why you can download the physical and/or digital version of my album. With the proceeds, I just invest it into spreading more positive messages to our children because that's what it's about, you know? Before the interview, Nam asked S. Latino to spit a verse on the spot... you should of been there; it was like lyricism clashing with a hardcore style and conscious messages. In his words, that was the first time he ever heard a Spanish artist go harder than a regular rapper in today's age.
     Since the kids listen to us more than teachers, the artists plays a big part of what's going on in society. Not all the music has to be the blame for what's happening in society but S. Latino  definitely believes that us as poets and leaders in Hip Hop continue to bring that positive message because the part that we play in the world and in the streets. I remember when Hip Hop was more real than materialistic. Hip Hop is international and still is expanding with great spirited MCs like Sabor.

     "My Favorite album of all times from back in the day was the 1st Naughty By Nature album", S. Latino stated. This was a classic masterpiece! S. Latino continued on with "Hip Hop Hooray still plays in my mind today. Treach flow was incredible. It was one of those happy songs with a crazy message and hot video too". Now that was real hip hop back in the days..

      With Mala Rodriguez, a female artist that has a lot of talent, in his CD player... He feels her flow definitely. See world, that's support... If you're see a star shining, then the only thing to do is let it shine b/c really who can knock a star out the sky? No one in history has down so to answer that question.

     Even though we have lost too many great performers and leaders, we should cherish and learn from the blueprints that they have set up for me and you. "If I could bring a Hip Hop legend back  into the mainstream, it would be Big Pun. The impact he had on Hip Hop was incredible. He is definitely one of the best to ever touch a microphone. The reason because of his unique style and flow, something that is missing in Hip Hop today. Smooth dude for sure. R.I.P."
    If you are a fan of Daddy Yankee but love to hear positive music at the same time, then you need to listen and support Sabor Latino throughout his forever rising journey. Thank you world for checking us out online and be on the look out for Sabor Latino's featured article inside our next issue. Salute...

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