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G-Unit Affiliate Shot In Queens

Written By VDotNam Jones on Saturday, January 4, 2014 | 15:49

When is the mayhem gon stop? Another rapper falls due to violence in Queens, NY which involved 4 victims sometime yesterday. One of the peoples that got shot was none other than Mazaradi Fox, an G-Unit affiliate. 

     Which probably had to do with Foxx's IDGAF Beat U Down & Take Yo Chain Type of Mentality, Gangsta Rap turned down another road. Not all rappers are what they stereotype us as: Drug Dealers, Theives, Gang Bangers, etc. US, The Emperious State of Hip Hop also consist of Teachers, Preachers, Book Authors and many more.  


     Fox was sitting in his SUV listening to his current project that he just compiled together with his people and a gunman approached the vehicle busting shots leaving Mazaradi Fox dead on site. It's crazy because as I was look at his previous confrutations, he was active with beefing amongst different artists, clicks other street rivals.

     The other 3 victims in the SUV was hospitalized at Queens Gen. Hospital and Jamaica Hospital for gunshots to the neck, shoulder and arm; which were minor, not too serious though. 

     The News didn't report where exactly each were located at, for the privacy of the patients. One of the victims was his daughter, 20 yrs. old, who was grazed by a bullet. Even though, he's gone away from self-destruction he will always be remember. He was going way too hard on the streets, you hear the tracks!!!

fox girl

      G-unit Records and it’s artist sent they're condolences to the family of Fox releasing this statement:

      “We’re sorry to hear about the tragic news. Our sympathy goes out to all his love ones. Despite reports, he was never on the G-Unit record label,” says a representative for G-Unit; 

     A lot of people were confused b/c some sources reporting that he was a former G-Unit rapper. Get Well Soon... and thank you for checking us out at Hip Hop Empire Magazine online. Stay tuned, more to come!!!!!!
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