The Fight For Trayvon Continues #SaveOurKidz

  Evil lives through the "S".  The Serpent caused brother to be against thy brother, child against thy parent, parent against child and many other combinations but we must not fall into pits of illiteracy. To most, It really don't make any since how people can be so evil towards someone of different ethnicity but it does to the older generations before us and R3AL Ni33as (Never ignorrant, getting goals accomplished soldiers). Children are children, either if they're black, white, red, yellow or rainbow colored. Its not a race issue these days, its the stupidity and indoctrination that's killing all of our kids.  
     Here's a moment of clarity, they take away after-school programs from our urban communities then say they had to do it because of the lack of finances. You and I know that the money from the state lotteries are supposed to handle school funding. So let's start asking... "Where the money at?". In all actuality, the middle case aka the working case paid their taxes just so their kids can attend school safely without any discrepancies. The only thing that cutting programs off foe the children does is leave them in the wicked, cold streets quickly to be labeled as "Suspects".  I was just watching a television news broadcast last night and heard this uncivilized woman say that the murder of Trayvon Martin was a Man on Ape crime. GET THAT SHT OUTTA HERE! But after the crimes on one of America's Vietnam War Vets and the young Venisulian boy that played baseball occurred, they wanted to justify that with an book-worm reason. Are you for real?
     I agree that those events were crimes as well... YES! but I will not sit and tolerate the injustice of a black on white crime being more dangerous than a white on black crime. A crime is a crime #udumbazz, they teach that in school but I guess she wasn't in class when they was talking about that subject, huh???? She was probably cheating on tests and getting her homework done by her programmers like many other brainless dependents of the decepticons in the major media industry. Not everyone in the media is bad, it's just those certain ones that uses Alister Crowley and his followers' methods of teaching to get over on people. It should be a crime for misguiding the upcoming future leaders before they're even born.

     OMG... It was funny how that uncivilized gopper* got up there on national television and said they're killing their own (black-on-black crime), which is/was the plan from the beginning. Neither did she know that black isnt a race, it is the forever growing multi-diversed masses all around the world. Its her own stupidity that makes that vulgar statement reunite the real against the fake. Think about it,
     Segregation in the states happened after the partial genocide of the Native tribes and the deception/ mind control of the Asiatic strayers that put their own into the American Slave Trade. Wait it goes deeper that that... Throughout those times up to yesterday, the deceivers had both the Africans living in America and the Africans still living in the motherland thinking that they were different from one another. The only difference from the two are that "They're in different areas of the world" but the thing that makes them similar is that they both experience the pain/ torture from mankind's most wicked creation. Just because a person got a degree, don't mean that they have street knowledge "Common Sense".
     From the LIManual... "Quit trying be somebody's master, for you can never master the art". If it wasn't for the Asiatic* masses that were deceived, US would not have homes to live in, buildings to conduct business in, transportation period and a lot of other glorious items we use on the daily. To the opposers: Watch what you say, for it says blatantly in the Holy Scriptures that the tongue has the ability to cut shape as a sword... "But knowledge can overpower any weapon man ever created". I'm sorry but people like that makes their own kind look like savages on the contrary. We must stand together to keep our kids off the streets and wrongful elements away from the entrance of thy brain. NOW TAKE THAT TO THE PRESS!!!!

     The "N" word has gotten old, for the minorities in the states have experienced worse elements than that like unemployment, racial-profiling, natural disasters, injustice, inequality, physical & mental trauma and many more negative forces thrown at them.  Even throughout those obstacles, Maya Angelo said it the best... "Still I Rise".  Let's take a moment to teach our children that they are as great as the ones that is in power. "As long as we don't educate, we will always remain in the same position that we were in yesterday" -V Dot Nam.

*Asiatic (def.) - the first form of human life after the 2nd creation of the world, which conquered the lands considered as Africa, Asia and Europe "The Caves" (including Italy, France, Spain and many more civilizations) during King Hannibal's reign.
Media credit to: Fox News, CBS Network, HNLTV & WeAreTheSavageNation.

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