Going Back To The Roots

   Welcome to Africa, a continent full of gold, daimonds, wildlife and other natural resources; but yet it is still known by western countries as a third world due to its high economic crisis. Being a Hip-Hop rapper, writer and upcoming entrepreneur has giving me the opportunity to engage and learn from different people orginating from other countries in africa and other continents. Originally coming from Ghana, a country with rich historical sites concerning slave trading has also broading my knowledge that brothers in other continents outside africa are still family and we are all one people.

     Over the years during my stay in Ghana, I got the opportunity to see such historical castles and forts before relocating to Lesotho (a small country inside of South Africa), which i got to learn and understand the difficulties and differences amongs other african countries and its people.  I later on relocated to South Africa and one thing i noticed was all african countries have one thing in common, which is extreme poverty, corruption and the extreme rich; but theres also the other side that unites all africans together, which is sports, music, art and culture. Many of talented individuals have escaped their daily life hardships through exhibiting such talents but it all comes at a high cost of finance and life challenges.  I always say the most prosperous and talented people are all in africa, for they are ready to prove to the world what they are made of...  but what can one do if there's no support for the developement of such talents? 

     Unlike developed worlds like the United States of America, where basic social amenities and facilities are all available and vice versa.  The biggest problem most african countries are facing once you get to find out is that only the major cities in each country do have such facilities, can boost any talent's fan base and career but yet it still might even be limited. Being a musician for instance is not an easy career in Africa, millions of dollars can not be accounted for after a music release is selved due to the lack of strong copyright societies, publishing, artist management and other music societies in other countries. 

     You have countries like South Africa that have gotting to a perfect stage of managing its operations in the music industry. Having high quality studios, music theatres, domes and strong music govern bodies  is a typical example of a well organised country with a protected music industry but other african countries do lack this therefore any operations of music releases becomes difficult for copyright societies to operate in and along side with others in such countries. I released my latest single entitled 'Touch The Sky' with the concept behind being the dreams of anyone in africa aiming to get to the top level of life despite the challenges in this continent and i feel that anybody with great ambitions can relate to it.  I have also come to understand that if record companies from developed countries should sign and source out talents from Africa, they're definitely going to have made the best deciscion ever.

     Many of times people who haven't been to africa perceive it as a jungle but if any investor is to do research about this land, they would probably get to know its where to generate lots of dividends from their investments despite of all the economic challenges. There is still the good side of Africa: Great History, Wildlife, Beaches, Beautiful People and Culture, Tourism and Business Opportunities.  

Article contributed by Kofi "Yinks" Akwabi Yinkah * Check out his music at http://www.yinks.co.nr  *  Also follow Kofi on Twitter @yinksofficial & Facebook: www.facebook.com/yinksofficial www.facebook.com/kyinkah

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