Survival of the Fittest

     This war has been going on since the bibical days. Now its time to shed some light over the world, for I've noticed that a lot of people has been afraid to speak on this in-depth issue like this one before your eyes. Warning: The elements that you are about to perceive is only for the ones that feels strong about unity amongst nations. As civilians, we are the true victims of monarchic terrorism. Lets get it on....
     The crime rate in Russia is 5x higher than the state of Ohio, which is crazy. Most people don't realize that this goes on everywhere that is under the sun. Even though the Hip-Hop scene isn't all that popular, this just states that urban media isn't one of those things that brainwashes the civilians that live in this location entirely. 

     Blessings and prayer to the ones that have lost a love one during the struggles of survival. We must first stand together as spiritual beings, for that's what the supreme father wants us to do. I'm not speaking as an individual that follows just only one religion, I'm actually speaking as a person of spirituality. The main purpose of life is to educate the unknowing of what's really going on. 

    This kind of remind me of the opening scene in Belly! "Steady are you ready, hmmmm.... What's goin on?" As havoc is occurring, we're hearing this in the background. That should something that opens up our ears and the more we watch the events in this hood classic  should opens up our eyes. 

     Peep game, I feel that certain powers are the cause of people clashing against one another. The Pres of the States flew over to keep the peace, but a certain force caused the country not to renew the treaty. It isn't our fault as civilians for this occurring, we're just in the middle of who's the next leader to take over the world. On top of that, i must state that race isn't the issue, its all all about righteousness verses wickedness. All the wrong doing that the previous presidents of the greatest nation in the world took part of it caused many people (of all races) to suffer in depression, reccession & oppression. At this time, We got this elite-minded leader of multiculturial diversity in power trying to rebuild the home of the slaves while spreading knowledge to the youth and everytime they talk about him its negative. GET THAT SHT OUTTA HERE! The One (translated in many different languages: God, Allah, Buddah, Jahovah,...) puts us here on this planet to be free in mind, body and spiritual so why is the Illions* always trying to control everything that we do? It takes a village to change a nation(s). 

Stand Against "Lying To The Public" & Support The "Civilian Over Politics" (Operation: #CivilOPoli) Movement. PEACE 2 ALL UNDER THE LIGHT, Salute...

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