Bluetooth Paradigm

Bluetooth, todays most advanced technology in the world has caused a large impact throughout the field of science.  Making it possible so an individual could turn his/her idea(s) into everything you might see around us.  From entertainment to sports/ fitness to health care, this will be what were all are going to be using on an everyday basis.  Starting off as a mobile prototype, Bluetooth has been used in smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, speakers and many more up-to-date devices.  As time goes by, you will see more objects and procedures utilizing this astonishing development.

Technology in the entertainment industry has evolved from the early 21st Century up to this day of age.  With a blend of precisely tuned audio, Smart Sensor(TM) technology and intuitive voice enabled controls, Plantronics has been working on their most user friendly and best sounding Bluetooth(R) headset line (NewsRx, 2012) forcing numerous comparatives to get more advanced or lose more business.  Also you will found this technology installed in game consoles such as: Xbox 360, Playstation 2 & Nintendo Wii unlike the previous devices weve seen in the past.  
Soon Bluetooth enabled TVs will serve as the hub of the connected living room, enabling seamless, robust connections with all Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth Smart devices including remote controls, gaming consoles, speaker systems, keyboards, phones, tablets, health and medical devices and more (NewsRx, 2012).  From communication to automation, Bluetooth has been featured and utilized in multiple theatrical movies and animated series. 
        I know when you hear Fitness and Bluetooth in the same discussion; you may think of listening to music while working out but this is more complex than average device.  This technology has assisted many professional athletes worldwide with physical training and coaching methods in and outside of sports.  Besides using a headset, you can simply download a mobile application to establish your personal profile using gender, age, height and starting weight (PR Newswire Association LLC, 2011).  Also this app tracks weight fluctuations over time and records results in relation to daily activity, time of day, diet and exercise (PR Newswire Association LLC, 2011). Bluetooth has made easier for everyone to keep record of your vital signs and health concerns before things may get worse. 
This new age technology can be found in hospitals, family clinics and dentist offices as well as inside of EMS trucks. Since we have heard over the time that Bluetooth has been utilized in cancer treatment, there is an addition to advancing medical procedures. Wireless communication between hearing aids and other personal media as well as between binaural hearing aids has been a boon to hearing aid users, with a slew of product options that provide superior performance and functionality levels (Wood, 2012).  IMS Research forecasts more than 60 million Bluetooth enabled sports, fitness and health monitoring devices will ship between 2010 and 2015 including over 17.7 million heart monitors, more than seven million sports watches and over two million speed and distance monitors (Business Wire, 2012).

From listening to your favorite artist to saving lives, the information given highly demonstrates that Bluetooth will be considered as a daily resource one of these days. Who ever thought that a wireless mobile prototype would be able to do so much? Even though new devices are created everyday, this is only the first of generational series of this tremendous technology.  The creation of this technology has made it possible for game developers to discover how to eliminate the masses of couch potatoes by integrating entertainment and fitness together.  Throughout time you will encounter and/or experience the many counter components of todays most advanced technology in the world, Bluetooth. Thank you and good night ladies and gentlemen! View image below to see what type of up-to-date devices uses the bluetooth technology:

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