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Known for being the Rubber City of the World, Akron /ˈækrən/ is the fifth largest city in the U.S. State of Ohio. My Ohio Money
Like many great cities, each one has it's own Authentic Historical Facts:
* Columbus (Home of Bizzy Bone/ Bow Wow/ OSU, Fotune 500 City);
* Cleveland (Football HOF, BTNH, Home of Halle Berry/ The O'Jays/
   Levert/ Avant/ Jim Brown/ Peter Milano/ Steve Harvey);
* Toledo (Home of Lyfe Jennings/ Sits on the border of Michigan);
* Sandusky (Cedar Point, Birthplace of Orlando Pace "Sunnyside Park");
* Dayton (Home of the Ohio Players/ Dave Chappelle);
* Canton (Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, Home of Macy Gray);
* Youngstown (Mafia City/ Dangerous Place in Ohio)
* Cincinnati (Home of Bootsy Colins/ LA Reid/ Isley Brothers/ Fox News).
Don't get it wrong Akron just ain't a little city in Ohio with nothing going on, you got everything going down like them big cities but in a compact style. It sits only 30 minutes away from Cleveland (North) and Canton (South). Known for being the Rubber Capital of the World, Akron is considered as one of the 94th Most Dangerous Cities. As I was watching the news, the reporters stated that Cleveland's crime rate is half-way of getting into the 100's and Akron's crime rate is never too far from what's being going down in the Land. Posted up with Niccel Plated, he calls out "Dis is Niccel Plated, I'm comin straight outta from Crackron, Ohio _______.

Dalnewi 76gantryb Media broadcasted that this little city is the "Meth Capital of Ohio" ranking 3rd in the number of registered sites due mainly to homemade methamphetamine. This city is step up in Wards (10+): The Hill, The V, Joy Park, The Rose, The Box, The MoHawks, NSG, Cole Block, Summit Lake, Kenmore, Goodyear Heights, Firestone Park & Ellet with the surrounding suburbs including Fairlawn, Barberton, Cuyahoga Falls, Norton, Stow, Tallmadge, Silver Lake, Green, Mogadore and Boston Township (Boston Mills). The city premiered on More Than a Game documentarmy told a story about National Basketball Association player LeBron James and his high school basketball team's journey and his struggles while living in Spring Hill & Edgewood Apts. In Drake's music video to Forever from the More Than a Game Soundtrack, the iconic Goodyear's logo on top the company's theater is shown.

This place is the home of major companies like Goodyear, Firestone, BF Goodrich, Bridgestone, Alcoholics Anonymous, Professional Bowlers Association and GOJO. During the 1840's, Abolitionist John Brown moved into the John Brown House on Copley across the street from business partner Colonel Simon Perkins who lived in the Perkins Stone Mansion. In 1851, Sojourner Truth attended a convention and delivered the original "Ain't I a Woman?" speech on Broadway. During the Civil War, The Union Army were supplied oats produced by a mill along the Ohio Canal. Between the 1870s and World War I, A lot of churches across the nation were built using the Akron Plan. Some of the things that make this place a tourist attraction are landmarks like the Akron Rubber Bowl, Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens, All-American Soapbox Derby, Cuyohoga Valley National Park, National Hamburger Festival, The University of Akron (AU) and all of the sport teams.

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Who ever would of knew that organized crime family, the Walker-Mitchell Mob operated in with the presence of the Black Hand led by Rosario Borgio. In the city of the AK, it's headquarters was on the Northside during the first decade of the 20th century, which Pretty Boy Floyd was also a member of this OCF. But beware of some of Erie things in this city, like: you had Jeffrey Dahmer driving down West Market Street with a body in his trunk when a cop stopped him; Cry Baby Bridge; Children of the Corn, Haunted Cemetary/ School Bus/ Bridge/ Church (Boston Township aka Helltown, Located deep in the cut); and a whole lot more of interesting facts.

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Since this city once was the largest chapters of the Triple K Supremacists in the country during the 20th century, Race was an issue and still is. Two of Akron's major riots were the Riot of 1900 and the Wooster Ave Riots of 1968 speeching on race was the Legendary Dr. W.E.B. DuBois (1920) and Former President Bill Clinton (1997). United States President, Barack Obama came through to speak to the people of Akron at Butchel High School during his reelection before heading to the Nasty Nati. Gettin back to the music, People don't know that the West Coast legend, C-Bo aka The BoldHead Nut use to live in the Southwest (The V) and recorded some of his earliest works. Meanwhile that ABD Soulja, Chuzo and his brother was up the way in the Chestola as young Gz surviving with the fam and learning from Bosses and Official OGz. 3 out of 4 Hot Boyz: Lil' Wayne, BG & Juvie stepped in the city to do a collaboration with an artist there.

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Akron really doesn't have a music scene but do have legendary venues: Civic Theatre, EJ Thomas Hall and Tangiers (As Seen On TV). J.Reid from the movie In Too Deep was from the city as well as when the program's connection to the Saint Thomas Hospital is referenced in an episode of the television series Prison Break and more.

There are quite a few musicians and icons from Akron which are listed under the following:
Tim "Ripper" Owens from Judas Priest (Singer);
Glen Buxton from the original Alice Cooper band (Guitarist),
James Ingram (R&B/ Soul)
The Black Keys (Rock), which went to school at Firestone High School.

Other big names from this city is as followed: Judith Resnik "First Female Astronaut", Rita Dove "First African American United States Poet" receiving the Pulitzer Prize for Peotry (1986).

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