Vietnam Jones Drops New Radio Station

   NOW OFFERING MORE PROMO FOR ALL MUSICIANS & BUSINESSES.  If you've been following us since the beginning, then you probably know about the new addition to the Official Hip Hop Empire Magazine lineup, WHHE EmpiRadio. EmpiRadio isn't like the ordinary radio that you might hear on FM/ AM but you listeners can call in and request who they want to on the independent level as long as the artist's music is either sent to us directly or it's on Youtube and it's hot, we'll play it.
   WHHE is primarily for the multi-diversed populations across the nations that want to hear REAL TALENT, REAL MUSIC, REAL TOPICS & EVERYTHING ELSE REAL. Even though, we have the magazine... this radio provides more promotion for Artists, DJs, Promoters & Producers that needs to be heard for they have a story to tell. Stay tuned for more updates pertaining to the HH Empire and all of our entities. Thanks for the support & without you "THE WORLD",  we wouldn't be able to provide you the most exclusive in entertainment. Also we got the mobile app that we're going to drop real soon, We're making it so you can take Hip Hop Empire Magazine everywhere you go. Check It Out, We Listed some of the features to you can see how it's goin down in the Imperious Kingdom of Hip Hop=======>

    Just so we can you provide you the hottest radio station online, we prefer you "THE ARTIST" to submit your music, click here to get started:
World Premier: July 15th, 2013

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