Work Without Pay (Don't Be A Victim)

   Most of us knows that it is illegal to have a person work for you without paying. That's why minimum wages are set in every states within the United States of America. It is no longer the 1800's any more, everybody must get paid if they are employed legally in this country, which is found within the doctrines set before us. Citizen of the US have the right to resign from the company that they work for if they are paid under minimum wage and/or nothing at all. See people will try to get everything that they can for free until they can't get anymore then they going to fire you. There is no more free labor, for the price of living and poverty rate has risen tremendously within the last decade.
   I could state who is/was doing this but I'm not the type that would harm anyone's well being for self-gain. Even though, evil lurks.... I will not fall into thy enemies' trap. In recent interactions, I've noticed that I didn't even have to say who is doing what for my so-called foe's true colors to be shown. It's a damn shame how some people can be so evil that they will take food away from a poverty-stricken individual and not even give a care afterwards. That just let me know in this world, you can't TRUST ANYONE that bleeds how you bleed; and in some cases, breathe how you breathe. Be aware of those that act as your friend; for when it comes to business, you don't have any friends. As you perceive this message and experience life more, you will realize that you either have associates or anti-allies.
   So many people on this planet from the beginning of time have worked for someone and mysteriously became terminated for an unprovable cause. As the world turns, more and more our people are becoming fed up with being treated wrong. There are many great leaders that stood tall to pave a way for each and everyone of us to decide if he/ she want to be successful or remain in poverty.
    Why should you work for wooden nickels? That don't make any sense. I understand if you are giving a blessing... That cool, do that but know that God or your higher power (If you believe) didn't put you here to be a fool. Unless you're a women, you should not satisfy man because bills don't pay itself... We got to pay them from out of our pockets. Peep game, to breathe on this earth COST WHAT? M.O.N.E.Y.
    Why you think taxes exist? So if a wolf in sheep clothing approaches you and wants you to put in some work, first ask them "How is working for you going to benefit me?" then follow it with "How much are you paying?". If it seems like that person is trying to sell you a dream or avoid the question, then move on. YOU CAN FIND SOMETHING BETTER THAN BEING ANOTHER MAN'S SLAVE. REAL TALK from Da Season's Vet... Have A Wonderful Year & Get That Paper, Stay Up Doe...

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