U Can't See Me (Look Inside of A Genius' Success)

    When things start to change for the better, the more evil will TRY to demolish one's empire that greater than them. Our reporter, Emilio X, interviewed the man behind Welcome 2 Tho' wd Town, V Dot Nam before the release of the rest of his chapters. We've noticed that you had done alot in the industry since you've gotten out of the U.S. Army but not recieved credit for it, What's up with that? "It's like the ones that I've giving blessing to likes what I do and wants a piece of art that I create" Nam stated, then continued with "At that time when I was working with my adversaries (ex. co-workers that used deceptive methods), I didn't charge a penny even though they verbally stated that they pay for my services when the money from their investors came cuz I felt that for one to succeed, he must show the world what he is capable of doing in the field that he applies for. People say that they can do alot of things, but do not have anything to show that they can do it." Emilio commented "WOW, that's crazy... but I feel you on that. You gotta have something under your belt if you're working in this industry these days."

    "I'm just using the talents that God blessed me with, yet haters think that I'm a young dumb negro that doesn't know the values of M.O.N.E.Y." as Nam said in a calm manner. That's ill hearing that come from your mouth, Emilio confirmed. Why you think they think that? Nam implied, "Envy and greed... Previously I helped companies get to the top along with high amounts of traffic and I guess that was the payment I get. After those individuals seen that they couldn't get no more and it was time for them to pay, they turned their back and tried to threaten a playa's livelihood. That's why I said Blow out your enemies' brains/ With all the knowledge and fame/ That you over-achieved spending years in the game in my verse on one of my favorite tracks from 2Pac, U Can't See Me. It was times when I would sacrifice sleep for many of weeks to get work finished. Throughout the beginning of 2012, the both of my parents were in hospital and I was still working 2 jobs on top of having mouth pain trying to make sure that my peeps wouldn't have to lift a finger."
    "I have had people try to lie on me, try to get locked me up, locked up and so on so further to stop my progress; but in the name of my heavenly God, I'm still here going harder that ever now." Emilio nodded, asking Nam "As I look over your discography, I seen that you recorded over 19 albums in the first 6 months of your career. Do you think that this one of the reasons why they hate"? "HELL YEAH!", Nam yelled out in a bold matter. "When I wanted something done, I didn't ask people to do work for me instead I did it myself cuz everybody was like I charge... so I didn't have a choice. It was either pay them for simplicity or not do anything at all." A lot of moguls in the industry has done what you said. I salute you for doing what followers are afraid to do. Not too many people today does that.
    "When I was consistently in studio with my artists in the past, they would say We need an engineer. After hearing that, I would jump behind the engineer's chair and create masterpieces then arrange the final project for the mass production process. It's like certain artists today expect to get lucky in this music industry, but not everyone has that opportunity to get fame. You gotta work hard for what you want, nothing in life is giving to you for free. Everybody expect to get something for what they do. Why you think certain artists leave groups or labels to go on their own?" That so true, so Nam... What are your plans for the rest of 2013? "Go to the top and show the world that if you believe then you can achieve in this game of deceivers, liars and thieves. Y'all gonna hear what I'm talkin about in the song I shot y'all... Just wait!" Emilio quoted "Word is bond... It was great interviewing you and much success towards the empire fam. Happy 420!!!!" Nam ended off with saying "You do the same. Peace 2 My Brotha. Stay up doe & watch these haters cuz they will be quick to act as your friend but really be one of your worst foes. THESE N1334Z CAN'T SEE ME..."

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