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Deception In Business

Written By VDotNam Jones on Monday, April 15, 2013 | 07:30

   Certain businesses today use people until there nothing left. Many of us has been victimized of this unprofessional business ethic. I can say for myself that enough is enough... People may say that they want to increase the peace and stop the violence but their actions speak louder than words. In this time of oppression, everybody is out for themselves except for the ones that are blessing-givers. The best way to put this in a brief phrase is "As the rich gets richer, the poor remains poor" right beside "Screw everyone until you get to the top". Its a cruel world out there, the big fish will always try his/ her best to eat the little fish not realizing that that little being is a piranha with a humungous family waiting for its anti-ally to open up their month and devour them.
   Things like this been happening before the birth of Christianity's leader, Jesus Christ, by one of his closest disciples and/or the royal hierarchy. Well... That's a historical example, now it's time to elaborate more pertaining to today's age in this industry: I know you heard this many of times "THE MUSIC INDUSTRY IS CUT THROAT" but do you really know how many artists, idealists, moguls, producers, songwriters, etc. has been affected by these deceptive creatures? The world will never know, for the numbers are always increasing day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.... That's why I talk how I talk and move how I move. Life is based on learning from your mistakes as well as others before you. Reach one.... Teach one...
    It's not right for brothers (I mean all races) to deceived brothers if you ask me. People got to eat, feed their children, pay their rent/ mortgages, keep clothes on their back, travel, take care of their parents and over a hundred more objectives depending on what type of day it is. When deceivers perform this outrageous chaos-risen action, more than one (1) life is effected. We must put a stop to this, for this can no longer happen to me nor you nor the children of the world. This is one of the reason why families fall out, murders are being committed, people losing their religion, and so on & so forth... In my lifetime, I've experienced the wrath of the deceptive being so much that I became over-whelmed with fiery and hate. Now at this present moment, I've endured the power of having a massive amount of knowledge, wisdom and understand that no man nor woman could ever take away from my well-being.
    Conclusively, if the art of deception come your way, you should be prepared at all time b/c it will try to attack you in different forms of life. Pac described decievers and haters the best on that Blasphemy from his Makaveli: Don Killuminati 7 Day Thoery album: "They gonna hate you for whatever you do". No reason why brother Pac left us so early, he was a threat to society and its will to CENSORED mankind prior to the press introduction of new world order. Stay focused and don't let anger knock you off your hustle. To the people of the world, READING and UNDERSTANDING can be the best artillery to fight any battle you may encounter while trying to survive this hell on earth. Also keep in mind that knowledge sometimes can be sharper than the edge of a sword. Stay tuned for more "Real Talk 101". PEACE 2 THE GODS & MOTHERS OF THE EARTH. DUECE....


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