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Cappadonna - Wu Tang Forever

Written By VDotNam Jones on Saturday, November 24, 2012 | 13:42

Cappadonna a/k/a “Cappachino The Great” and “Donna Cappa Goines“ is a founding
member of the legendary Wu Tang Clan and a prolific solo artist. Writing since the age
of 15, Cappadonna first emerged in 1995, spitting hard body Shaolin warrior combatives on "Ice Cream" and "Ice
Water" from Raekwon's classic “Only Built For Cuban Linx”.

Cappadonna made his first appearance with
all of his Clan mates on 1997’s Six Time Platinum "WUTANG FOREVER"and went heavily hard 
body all through the “The W” album following that classic. 
After touring extensively, Cappadonna returned to the studio for his first solo LP in 1998s “The Pillage” - which debuted at #3 on the Billboard charts and was quickly certified Gold.

Since then he has released an album called “THE PILGRAMAGE” which was released
last year, now as of recent he is working along side of Ghostface Killah, RaeKwon on the WU-BLOC album with D BLOC.

Y'all will be hearing more about and from "Donna Cappa Goines" inside of this upcoming issue of Hip Hop Empire Magazine. Stay tuned in, who knows who might pop out at ya next!

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