Testimony 19 - V Dot Nam

Testimony 19 actually brings back the realness into music instead of materialistical garbage. From the mastermind of V Dot Nam, he expresses his 19 testimonies to the people of the world. This album should be in everyone''s collection, for the words used in this masterpiece has grest power.

1. Intro
2. Ballot or Bullet
3. Get Dis Party Started
4. Str8 Rida feat. 2Pac & Mr Versityle
5. Westside
6. Stupid On Da Bus
7. U Wanna Bang
8. Finger Fliipin
9. Cup Fulla Drank feat. T Mama
10. Let's Politic
11. Interlude
12. History In Da Makin
13. Miami Fresh
14. Til Da Day I Fall feat. Mr Versityle
15. Pussy On Da Flo
16. Tongue Ring
17. So Fine
18. It's Funny feat. Big Sho' Daz
19. Testimony feat. KUP

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