Worldwide Hip Hop Hall of Fame Announcements

Te newly constructed empire of "The Worldwide Hip Hop Hall of Fame Wax Museum Tourism and Hospitality Resort". Since you're here, we stand firmly with our motto when it comes to art-ism "Da only place where artists as well as fans can become a part of the Hip Hop legacy". Many individuals may look at Hip Hop and say that it is a fade, but it  has lasted over 3 decades plus some and it will always be a part of World History. So let's please take a couple moments to think about the pioneers that started this genre by MCin', Spinnin' & Scratchin' LPs, Break Dancin' and so on.... and give respect where it's due. Because if it wasn't for them, then we will still be listen to same ol' oldies but goodies. Don't get me wrong, I love the old Rhythm & Blues and Soul but as time fly by "We" as in the people must become and/or remain up to date with today's society because at anytime the thing that we cherish the most could slip through our hands. This is one of the reasons why we are here to present the world with "The Hip Hop Hall of Fame Wax Museum Tourism & Hospitality Resort". Hip Hop isn't dead, who told you that lie LOL.

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